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Anthony Grieco

Senior Director
Security and Trust Organization

Anthony Grieco is a Senior Director of the Security and Trust Organization. Mr. Grieco leads the Trust Strategy Office and is responsible for Cisco’s strategy to ensure Security and Trust are at the core of how Cisco’s customers address their cybersecurity needs. Three strategic pillars of trustworthiness, transparency and accountability form the foundation of Cisco’s strategy and enable focus on trustworthy architectures, national level cybersecurity engagements and raising awareness to the importance of a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Mr. Grieco joined Cisco in January, 1999 and he has held a variety of leadership roles in both development engineering and product management. He is on the board of the National Cyber Security Alliance and is a trusted security advisor to industry and Cisco customers around the globe.

Mr. Grieco holds a Master’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

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