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Alex is a Principal Engineer in Cisco’s network software organization, where he provides technical direction and leadership for technology that relates to manageability of Cisco networking products from original conception to delivery to the customer. This includes management instrumentation, management agents and programming interfaces for management applications, and networking capabilities aimed at facilitating operational tasks.

A 15 year veteran at Cisco, Alex has been involved in management technology throughout his career.  He has several dozen publications and patents in this area and is the author and/or editor of several books, including “Network Management Fundamentals” (Cisco Press) and “Network-Embedded Management and Applications” (Springer).  In his spare time, he moonlights on the adjunct faculty of Santa Clara University and serves on the organizing and/or program committee of the top conferences in the field, including as General Co-Chair of IFIP/IEEE IM 2013, of Manweek (now CNSM) and DSOM 2007, and of the IM 2005 TPC.    

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