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Seth Mason works in Cisco's Advanced Services Datacenter Networking group at Cisco Systems, where he leads the team focused on designing and implementing Cisco Storage solutions.

Seth has more than a decade of experience focused on heterogeneous SANs. Seth is the co-author for The Cisco Storage Networking Cookbook, the Cisco MDS Interoperability and Configuration Guide and the co-inventor for the Cisco MDS feature, Device Aliases. His current responsibilities center on expanding customers' SANs to include FCOE. Seth currently holds a CCIE specializing in SAN (20847). He is a regular speaker at Cisco Live on topics such as SAN Migration, Interoperability and Disaster Recovery and most recently FCOE for the IP Network Engineer

Prior to joining Cisco in 2003, Seth led a storage operations team at Storage Networks, Inc, a storage service provider, broadening his operational experience. He holds a Bachelors of Computer Engineering from Auburn University.

In his spare time, Seth plays the bass guitar and can often be found mountain biking in Northern California.

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