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Gavin Reid

Gavin Reid

Director Threat Research, Cisco Security Intelligence Operations

Leader, Cisco CSIRT and Cisco TRAC

Gavin Reid is deeply committed to advancing security intelligence technology and helping groups in the security community to better share information and operationalize protection from cybersecurity threats. For more than two decades, Reid has closely observed and interacted directly with both the security & hacking community, and regularly shares his expertise on the evolution of hacking over the Internet with the security community and industry, and through academic forums. He also regularly lectures across the public and private sectors on computer forensics, incident response, intrusion detection/prevention, and Cisco security incident response capabilities.

Cisco SIO

Director of Threat Research for Security Intelligence Operations (SIO) at Cisco, Reid has personally overseen all major security incidents at Cisco and Cisco-owned corporations over the last decade. He leads a team that researches advanced cybersecurity threats and develops new data analytics technologies that help discover and remediate these threats. He is particularly focused on working with his team to find new ways to extract value from Cisco SIO’s big data stores to create actionable threat intelligence that can help Cisco enhance and develop new security products, and improve Internet security not only for Cisco customers, but all users.


Among Reid’s contributions to Cisco, which he joined in 1999, is the creation of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). This global team of information security professionals is responsible for 24/7 monitoring, investigation, and response to cybersecurity incidents. Reid strategically guides the CSIRT team, which actively manages computer security risk for Cisco-owned businesses through proactive threat assessment and analysis, mitigation planning, incident detection, and response.

Reid also handpicked members of the Cisco Threat Research and Communications (TRAC) team, which includes some of the most experienced, knowledgeable threat researchers and analysts at Cisco – and in the industry. The core mission of TRAC is to contribute to the state of the art of threat defense. The team’s work is intended not only to continually enhance the quality and efficacy of Cisco’s security products, but also, provide actionable intelligence that can help all Internet users defend against both known and emerging web-based threats. Reid provides strategic guidance to the two highly collaborative specialist teams that comprise Cisco TRAC: Cisco TRAC – Analysis and Cisco TRAC – Outreach.

More about Gavin Reid …

As a contributing member of the computer security community, Reid supports security training with the community and chairs the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) working group responsible for the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). CVSS is an open industry standard for rating IT security vulnerabilities that helps organizations prioritize and coordinate a joint response to computer security risks.

Reid, who has an Active Security Clearance, previously worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), where he oversaw IT Security at the Johnston Space Center in Houston, Texas. Today, Reid lives in North Carolina, USA, and when not working with leaders in the vanguard of information security or hackers in the computer underground, takes time to indulge in his other passions: playing guitar and skateboarding.

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