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45 Medals (and counting…) over 3 Screens

So, if you are like me, you have been tuned in nightly to the Olympics in Beijing and watching all the dreams being realized --Nastia Liukin, The Redeem Team, and the Amazing Michael Phelps-.awesome stuff, great stories.Now, while I am an old school, couch-based consumer of the Summer games, this year the Olympics are being broadcasted by NBC over IP to three screens -the TV, the PC and the smart phone -providing consumers with a plethora of ways to stay in touch to what’s happening on the other side of the world. If there was ever a doubt that the visual networking era was upon us, this should put that argument to rest.This broadcasting first is made possible by the network’s departure from their historical tape-based approach to broadcasting toward one that relies on IP-based video. To do this, NBC turned to Cisco, and is relying on our video expertise and our Internet Protocol (IP) video network infrastructure and video-encoding solutions to broadcast more than 3,600 hours of broadcast coverage during the 17-day event. So while there’s plenty of history being made in the pools, gyms and on the track, by providing consumers to watch the games when, and where they want, its pretty clear that by making the move to IP, NBC has made some history of their own. Related Information:Links / URLs: - Podcast - Videos: o NBC’s Overview of its Broadcast of the Beijing Olympics with Dave Mazza, senior vice president, engineering, NBC Olympics NBC Discusses Its IP Network Coverage of Beijing Olympics w/Craig Lau, vice president of engineering, NBC Olympics

Real Players in WLAN

Interesting move by HP to acquire Colubris. This gives ProCurve, HPs networking division, their .11n and vertical angle …so does this mean ProCurve will become a “Real” player in WLAN? Interested in your thoughts?HP To Acquire Colubris

All You Need To Know – Customer Highlights and Technology Innovation

If you missed Tuesday’s Q4 and FY 08 Financial Results Conference Call, here’s what I suggest to review for a quick recap (san financial details of course): Highlights and Technology Innovation --’ll find select customer announcements around the globe, major product announcements and acquisition highlights for the year. What more do you need? :-)Cheers,Amy Poon

Analyze This

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Helping Cisco to Compete in Emerging Markets

As Cisco enters its fourth year of executing against its dedicated Emerging Markets (Russia and CIS, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa) strategy, the value that industry analysts can play in helping Cisco shape and refine its approach could not be more critical. Over half the evaluation forms received at Cisco’s European and Emerging Markets Analyst Conference, held on the 24th and 25th June, listed Emerging Markets and Cisco’s Globalisation strategy as one of the key learnings or take aways from the event. Read More »