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Cisco Enhances IP NGN Carrier Ethernet Design for Video Services

The introduction of a 40 Gbps line card for a big router ( and things like an SLA and a cell-site router doesn’t necessarily jump off the page as the being one of the biggest things happening. But when you step back and take another look, you realize that Cisco’s September 15 announcement — focusing on video and business services, broadband mobility, and carrier-class reliability — was another significant point supporting what we’ve all been saying over the past year: video is having a huge effect. Consider . . . the YouTube phenomenon, the significant growth predictions provided by Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (, and the growing acceptance that we are now in the Visual Networking era -just to name a few things. So, even if Monday’s announcement didn’t cause you to spill your coffee, the introduction of things like a line card, some new offerings, and enhancements to existing products are critical to Cisco’s support of video as the transformational medium for consumers and businesspeople alike.

“Mommy Moments” and 21st Century Education

As I dropped my four-year-old Emily to her first day of class at pre-kindergarten on Monday, I couldn’t help but to think about the activities/projects that her teachers have planned throughout the next 8-9 months for the class and hope/pray that would adequately prepare her for the BIG leap…to kindergarten (a different school) this time next year! Mommy anxieties…I get too many and too often. This “mommy moment” leads me to share with you an insightful perspective from a woman who has a passion for education, Tae Yoo, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs. She talks about education for the new century and how it has changed little since the early 1900’s. Rethinking Education in the 21st CenturyTae speaks of the Four Pillars of Education Transformation and while they may be quite ambitious upon reading, I can definitely mull over them on my trips as Emily’s personal chauffeur to/from home/pre-kindergarten and beyond.Enjoy! :-)

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire PostPath

Exciting news! Today Cisco announced the intent to acquire PostPath, Inc. This acquisition is a tremendous display of commitment to Cisco’s collaboration growth strategy and innovative partnering.Why PostPath you ask? —-.The company extends Cisco’s Collaboration Platform through a Linux-based email, calendaring and collaboration software solution. These additions clearly augment Cisco’s Saas based WebEx Connect Collaboration Platform which currently includes- Instant Messaging, Wikis, Web 2.0 applications, Teamspaces and Document Sharing. In addition, PostPath’s email and calendaring software has: –native compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. –compatibility with mobile clients such as Blackberry and ActiveSync.Upon the closing of the acquisition, PostPath is expected to become part of Cisco’s Collaboration Software Group and integrated with WebEx Connect and Cisco’s Unified Communications portfolios. Take a closer listen to the announcement and details of the acquisition on the Cisco Analyst Relations Podcast website: your feedback on this acquisition: How do you think the addition of PostPath to Cisco’s portfolio will ultimately affect/influence the Collaboration marketplace?

45 Medals (and counting…) over 3 Screens

So, if you are like me, you have been tuned in nightly to the Olympics in Beijing and watching all the dreams being realized –Nastia Liukin, The Redeem Team, and the Amazing Michael Phelps-.awesome stuff, great stories.Now, while I am an old school, couch-based consumer of the Summer games, this year the Olympics are being broadcasted by NBC over IP to three screens -the TV, the PC and the smart phone -providing consumers with a plethora of ways to stay in touch to what’s happening on the other side of the world. If there was ever a doubt that the visual networking era was upon us, this should put that argument to rest.This broadcasting first is made possible by the network’s departure from their historical tape-based approach to broadcasting toward one that relies on IP-based video. To do this, NBC turned to Cisco, and is relying on our video expertise and our Internet Protocol (IP) video network infrastructure and video-encoding solutions to broadcast more than 3,600 hours of broadcast coverage during the 17-day event. So while there’s plenty of history being made in the pools, gyms and on the track, by providing consumers to watch the games when, and where they want, its pretty clear that by making the move to IP, NBC has made some history of their own. Related Information:Links / URLs: – Podcast – Videos: o NBC’s Overview of its Broadcast of the Beijing Olympics with Dave Mazza, senior vice president, engineering, NBC Olympics NBC Discusses Its IP Network Coverage of Beijing Olympics w/Craig Lau, vice president of engineering, NBC Olympics

Real Players in WLAN

Interesting move by HP to acquire Colubris. This gives ProCurve, HPs networking division, their .11n and vertical angle …so does this mean ProCurve will become a “Real” player in WLAN? Interested in your thoughts?HP To Acquire Colubris