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Collaboration Blog Series

All, Leading up to C-scape the Cisco Executive Collaboration team will be posting a series of blogs. The first in the blog series is authored by Alan Cohen, VP of Collaboration Marketing…and is titled Team of Rivals. Please make sure you tune in to read what is on our mind.

By the Numbers: The ASR 9000

Just a few numbers related to today’s announcement of the ASR 9000.11.11 — Launch date of the industry’s most powerful, scalable and efficient edge router6.4 — Total Capacity in terabits or the equivalent of sending 200 movies per second6 — The ASR 9000 offers 6x the capacity of current competitive edge routers4,500 — Number of trees spared from deforestation resulting from innovative, patented modular power solution contained in ASR 9000200M — Dollars invested by Cisco to internally develop the ASR 9000960; 7750 — Not even close….9000 -- The ASR 9000; in a class by itself…For more information click this.

Believe the Hype

Is it a bird, a plane….a new car? This is the kind of speculation that is running rampant as the industry — especially some intrepid, aspiring reporters — struggles to find out what all the hype is about as Cisco prepares to introduce some revolutionary technology on 11.11. While it’s still too early to give out all the details, what we can say is that we are definitely not getting into the car business (same holds true for minivans, school buses and dump trucks). What we can say is that what we will be announcing next is a clear example of Cisco innovation at it’s best, and offers a fundamental improvement over what is currently available in the market. So, while we can’t give it all away yet, what we can promise is that this is certainly an example of where the reality is worthy of the hype. Tune in on 11.11 to get the full scoop.

Building the Next Generation Company

My last Blog was about 21st century education and a good follow-on topic, Building the Next Generation Company, is what Chambers spoke of at the recent Cisco Financial Analyst Conference 2008. this event, Chambers and his team of senior executives shared their thoughts and insights on key industry/technology topics including innovation, video, and collaboration. Also, if you have not met (live or virtually), Padmasree Warrior, Chief Technology Officer, here’s a great opportunity to hear what’s on her mind.Enjoy! :-)

Cisco is Serious About Collaboration

If you want to hear what all of the buzz is about, make sure to check out our announcement, very cool!!