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Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0

My colleague Jackie Roy summarized the recent Irwin Lazar, analyst at Nemertes, blog post correctly with:

“…growing reality that a complete collaboration strategy must integrate all potential ways that individuals and groups work together”

It is particularly interesting to see that Enterprises are looking to bring these disparate teams together but must looking at security, compliance and governance issues, and they are orchestrating a strategy that merges the old way of communicating with new tools such as microblogging and facebook-style applications for the enterprise.

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News Flash: Video Traffic is On the Rise ;-)

This just in….Video Traffic is growing…I know, I know,  it’s hardly ground-breaking news, but when you look at some of the data released as part of our ongoing Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast program released today, some of the facts are pretty eye-opening.


What made this installment of the VNI all the more impactful is that a majority of the data was the result of a cooperative program between Cisco and a group of more than 20 service providers worldwide who share their anonymous, aggregated network usage to identify trends, etc. 


Consider, the following:


  • About 10% of the world’s broadband subscribers generate more than 60% of all Internet traffic – ok, I’ll take some of the credit for this…have I shared with you the videos of my kids playing hockey…? Wink


  • Globally, the average broadband connection consumes about 4.3 gigabytes visual networking applications (advanced services such as video, social networking and collaboration) traffic per month.


    •  This amount is roughly the equivalent of approximately 20.5 short- form Internet videos or approximately 1.1 hours of Internet video, whether streamed on its own, embedded in a Web page, or viewed as part of video communications.


There’s a lot more good data in the study, for more information, there are some additional links below.  Enjoy





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UCS C-Series: Unified Computing Now Delicious by the Rack Mount Too!

This year at Oracle Open World Cisco unveiled the latest server in the UCS family, the Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server. The C-Series, as we affectionately refer to it, extends Cisco only technologies like the unified network fabric, network-aware VN-Link virtualization support and Cisco Extended Memory Technology to the rack mount server world.

There are those that geek out on speeds and feeds and for those I offer the following:


C250 The Cisco UCS C250 M1 server is a two-socket 2 rack unit (RU) rack-mount server with patented Cisco Extended Memory Technology designed to increase performance and capacity for demanding virtualization and large-data-set workloads
C210 The Cisco UCS C210 M1 server is a general-purpose, two-socket, 2RU rack-mount server. Housing up to 16 internal disk drives for up to 8 TB of storage, the UCS C210 M1 is designed to balance performance, density, and efficiency for workloads requiring economical, high-capacity, reliable, internal storage
C200 The Cisco UCS C200 M1 server is a two-socket, 1RU rack-mount server designed to balance simplicity, performance, and density for production-level virtualization, web infrastructure, and other mainstream data center workloads

And for even more product specs cruise over to the UCS C-Series product page, where Lisa will even deliver a quite detailed “video data sheet.”

For my part, I like to focus on the implications over the specifications, and the conclusions there are inexorable. Cisco is bringing its vision of unified fabric across compute, storage and networking to every corner of the datacenter. Following on to the super successful launch of the UCS B-Series blades, the C-Series offers datacenter personnel looking to unleash the power of virtualization another choice in form factor.


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Cisco CTO – Up-close and Personal with APAC Analysts

During our 1st C-Scape Asia Pacific analyst event held on September 29th, Cisco CTO Padmashree Warrior participated via TelePresence from San Jose share thought leadership in technology and strategic directions of the company. Padma spoke with our regional analysts across 14 cities in Asia Pacific about Future Trends, Next Generation Internet, Cloud Computing and Architectural Plays.

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Cisco SVP John McCool on Future of Catalyst 6500

“The report of my death was an exaggeration”

–      Mark Twain

Nothing beats going directly to the source if you want correct information.  In 1897, The New York Journal confused news of the illness of Twain’s cousin, James Ross Clemens, into that of Twain’s death. This led to Twain’s famous quote above.  Twain would live another thirteen years out of spite.

This leads me – oddly enough – to the Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches and the Cisco Nexus series switches. When Cisco announced the Nexus series, the rumor mill began churning about the imminent death of the Catalyst 6500. How could one company support two high-end switches? Even a company as big as Cisco?  It defied conventional wisdom.

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