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Socializing Social Networking in the Enterprise-Comissioned Study Offers Key Findings

Social networking for sure is a power tool for personal connection and is becoming more important in corporate business today.  As enterprise businesses across the globe put it in their tool kits it comes with the need for IT involvmement and a bit more governance, at least that’s what we are finding out.  Cisco comissioned a two part study to learn more about the the impact of social networking and collaboration applications in the enterprise with leading business schools in the United States and Europe and got some great insights to share.

Check out the video from Neil Hair of the Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses two of the study’s most interesting findings:  the proliferation of social media tools to new areas of the business and the growing need for governance models.


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CES10: It’s All About Video

We’ve been saying it for a while, but if you haven’t believed us to date, this year’s CES 2010 (Las Vegas) certainly is proof that Video Changes Everything.  Rising above the clamor of the latest gimmicks & gadgetry was a consistent reminder that the much talked about impending video revolution is now squarely upon us.  As one of the few companies that participates in nearly every form of video, Cisco was once again in the center of the action.  Specifically, Cisco made the following announcements:


Cisco shares vision for Home TelePresence

Cisco & NBC deliver content from the Vancouver Games to 3 Screens

New customers for Eos (Travel Channel, 10th Street, All Access Today)


Listen to Ken Wirt, Cisco’s VP of Consumer Marketing, talk about Cisco’s at CES 2010


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Cisco Continues to Score with Media & Entertainment Companies

At CES 2009, Cisco announced our Eos social entertainment platform that enables Media & Entertainment companies to more economically create, manage and monetize social entertainment experiences built around their portfolios of branded content. 

As we sit here in Las Vegas at CES one year later and reflect, it’s been a pretty amazing year for the Eos platform.  We announced in August 2009 that Warner Music Group is running full speed ahead with the Eos platform.  Now, this week at CES we announced three new customers including the Travel Channel, All Access Today and The Eleven Seven Music Group/Tenth Street Entertainment.  Additionally, we also announced the Eos partner ecosystem program and some interesting new features for the platform.

Check out the video from Dan Scheinman, SVP & GM of the Cisco Media Solutions Group below.  In the video, he reflects on the past year and discusses the new Eos announcements at CES 2010.


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TASER Builds SaaS offering on Cisco UCS and Nexus

Last week, TASER International Chairman Tom Smith and SVP Yogesh Saini hosted a Cisco TV show on their use of Cisco UCS and Nexus products to build a SaaS offering called


TASER While Cisco products put food on the family table over here, I’d be remiss not to lead with how utterly cool the TASER offering is on a technical level. They are mounting Axon video cameras and wearable computers on police offices in order to capture live video of events and store it for playback on demand at their cloud offering. Frankly, it makes servers and switches sound about as exciting as folded sheet metal.
That is until you consider the scale of storing and streaming a whole mess of video on demand. Once you begin to think about that on a datacenter level the demands become quite daunting–never mind the need to scale that infrastructure quickly as the service grows. Infrastructure And then you can throw in the challenges associated with housing sensitive information, such as that on police captured videos. Suffice it to say there are serious regulatory and security challenges. And these challenges need to be addressed at an architectural level.

Log on to the Cisco TV show to see how Cisco helped TASER go from RFP to fully operational datacenter in 98 days.

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Cisco and BT collaborate on world’s first global “cloud” based IPT solution

Vendors and Providers often shout “first ever” to many things. Okay okay… But, in the case of BT  and Cisco’s announcement this week it’s worth taking a look at, you be the judge. The announcement is more than  BT’s global “cloud” based IPT solution from their Onevoice UCC portfolio which is a first and unique in and of itself in its next gen platform and consumption model for users. It’s based on utility-based pricing with a monthly per-user charge for service.  The solution provides global coverage, using BT’s extensive network reach.  Way to go.

But it also represents an evolution for Cisco in its offering especially with Services and a bit of a new business model approach. Cisco’s got some serious skin in the game here and committment to our SP customers is paramount….

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