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Cisco Keeps Mobile Operators on the “MOVE”

With mobile traffic rapidly growing in volume and complexity, scalability, reliability and customization have corresponding importance to mobile operators.   They must manage traffic in ways that enable them to provide great user experiences while controlling costs.  

Cisco is helping.

Cisco today enhanced its MOVE architecture (Monetization, Optimization, Videoscape Experience) by inserting an in-house Policy and Control Rules Function into its next-generation Policy and Charging Control solution.   This helps address the significant performance, reliability and scalability demands on mobile networks. 

The solution has three components:

  1. The Cisco Intelligent Policy Control Function – an integral part of the Cisco ASR 5000 mobile core platform – to support volume usage management in both centralized and distributed environments.
  2. The Cisco Subscriber Service Controller for exchanging subscriber profile data with the Cisco IPCF and enforcing aggregate volume usage rules across groups of subscribers sharing a common account.
  3. The Cisco Policy Provisioning Tool, a graphical user interface for facilitating definition of policy rules and managing their distribution to the Cisco SSC and IPCF.

The policy engine is essential if the network is to treat different types of traffic differently at different times – i.e., optimize.  Thus, this enhancement to Cisco’s MOVE will further help mobile operators monetize and optimize their networks for even better user experiences.

Cisco Showcases IPv6 Leadership & Announces More Branch Innovations at Interop, Las Vegas

As many of you are aware, this week the Interop tradeshow is taking place in Las Vegas.

Did you know that Cisco is the primary sponsor of the show’s InteropNet?  InteropNet is a world-class, fully IPv6-enabled network powering the 15,000-attendee and 400-exhibitor tradeshow complete with dual-stack IPv6 capabilities to all capable endpoints. This is the first-ever show network to be “dual-stack” with IPv4 and IPv6 running side-by-side and it highlights Cisco’s IPv6 leadership.  For more info on our IPv6 activities, please click here.

In addition, those of you stopping by the Cisco booth (booth 1127) will notice demos of our latest solutions including the new Cisco ISR Cloud Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe solution announced today. This solution seamlessly extends ScanSafe Cloud Web Security to branch offices and provides scalable, centralized Web protection and malware detection on the Cisco ISR G2 branch router and requires no additional hardware.

With this solution, organizations can easily deploy cloud-based Web security and Web usage policies, enabling highly secure local Internet access for all branch offices and users while saving time, money, and resources associated with traditional hardware deployments. The cloud service delivery model and central user account administration also make Cisco ScanSafe easy to deploy, manage and maintain via remote IT staff.

For more information on this plus the rest of today’s news (including mobility updates), please click here.

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For Service Providers, the Route(r) Leads to Cisco

Service providers across the globe depend on Cisco routing solutions to support new services, answer the challenge of tremendous video traffic growth, help generate additional revenue and enhance the end-user experience. 

Service providers such as Tiscali and NBC . . .

Tiscali, an Italian operator, will deploy the Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS), as well as the Cisco UCS blade system and the Cisco Nexus 5000 system for its data center upgrade.  

The project began in 2010 and has remarkably expanded Tiscali’s national network capacity.  The basic purpose is to develop important innovations on Tiscali’s IP backbone and cloud support services so it can differentiate itself by offering Software-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

As for NBC, it selected the Cisco ASR 9000 edge router to connect the video stream to the TV network for the broadcast of the William/Kate wedding to an estimated 2.3 billion people. 

In fact, check this video out . . .  fun stuff.

Cisco Advances Networking to Tackle Most Challenging IT Tasks: Secure Access for Any Device, Unified Management, High-Quality Video Anywhere

Furthering its leadership in networking, last week Cisco introduced new security,  management, and video solutions to its Borderless Networks portfolio to help information technology departments more efficiently manage the proliferation of mobile devices, ongoing changes in workforce habits, and the impact of video on the network.

The innovations include:

– Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for policy management
– Cisco Prime for Enterprise to help organizations more effectively manage their network and network services
– Cisco Medianet and video conferencing to optimize video delivery.  Highlighting Cisco’s commitment to on-going innovation in its core technologies, this announcement included details of integrated video conferencing on the ISR G2.

To get an update on the full announcement, please watch this short video featuring Marie Hattar, VP of Borderless Networks Marketing and Ross Fowler, VP of Borderless Networks Sales here.

For the full press release, please click here.

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Cisco, AT&T and Marriott Utilize the Power of the Network and Video for New Entertainment Experience

For years now, we’ve said the power of the network and video will change the way we live, work and play.  Today, utilizing the power of the network and video and in partnership with AT&T and Marriott, award winning artist, Jewel, will perform a solo acoustic performance that will be connected globally to multiple Telepresence Rooms including the NAB show floor and streamed live over the Internet.

Just another example of how the power of the network and video is bringing people together and providing new experiences.

For more information on the Jewel performance or if you want to experience via USTREAM, check out the link below.