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Keeping up with the Jetsons:Introducing Cisco ūmi telepresence

Well, it may have seemed like a far off technology when we first saw it on the The Jetsons, but now it’s real.  With today’s introduction of ūmi telepresence Cisco has delivered a product capable of delivering a premium video experience that will bring families and friends together like never before.

All of the information on the product can be found below but seeing is believing.  You need to see first-hand just how good this video experience is — those who have experienced ūmi can attest, the quality of the experience is as close as a possible to the real thing.

Cisco’s ūmi telepresence will be available for consumers in the US from Best Buy and directly from Cisco on November 14th, and through Verizon in early 2011.  Be the first on your block to have one, it’ll forever change how you keep in touch with friends and family.

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