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Cisco+CoreOptics = A Commitment to Advancing the Development of Next-Gen High Speed Networks

By announcing our intent to acquire CoreOptics, Cisco has ensured our customers that we are committed to advancing the development of high the development of next-generation high-speed networks which will allow Service Providers to cost-effectively scale their architecture to meet the demands created by video, mobility and cloud services.

This news represents a very exciting addition to Cisco’s ability to continue to innovate in this space.  While the addition of the technology we gain as part of this acquisition is thrilling, we are equally excited about the 116 employees that now join the Cisco family, as CoreOptics brings a strong team with expertise in developing Digital Signal Processing technologies and 10G/40G and 100G modules that enable the next generation of dynamic, agile and transparent networks. Since announcing the acquisition this morning, the reactions from the industry analysts covering the optical market have been very positive.   

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