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Cisco on the Edge

The ASR 9000, Cisco’s new flagship edge router, has been in global trials, and the feedback has been very positive. Top-tier service providers such as Deutsche Telekom and Softbank have endorsed the new platform, while others — including Verizon Wireless — are actively deploying the ASR 9000 as the foundation of their edge networks. Following is a video in which Deutsche Telekom Senior Vice President Wolfgang Schmitz discusses the benefits of the ASR 9000. Deutsche Telekom works with Cisco to offer high-bandwidth services on the ASR 9000. The ASR 9000 will enable DT to deploy advanced services — such as video and IPTV — in less time, at lower cost and with less energy usage. The ASR 9000 is an example of medianet technologies that are network and end point aware and designed to support growing surge of video and other rich media content. In addition, here is an earlier video in which Junichi Miyakawa — Executive Vice President, Director and CTO of SoftBank — discusses the ASR 9000.

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