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2016 Cisco Mobile VNI: Reporting on the Data

Over the last decade, the Cisco Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI), our rolling five year forecast of Internet trends has delivered some amazing and eye-popping predictions. Today’s VNI Mobile Forecast update, for example, shows that the deployment and adoption of 4G is accelerating even faster than we predicted just a year ago. In the United States, just like the rest of the world, mobile data consumption continues to climb, driven by…


The History and Future of Internet Traffic

…ar. There are few metrics in any industry that compare. Traffic is a summary metric that reflects multiple facets of Internet evolution. Internet traffic is the culmination not only of user and device growth, but of growing usage, application trends, and increasing bandwidth availability. While adoption figures and download statistics signal the transformative social impact of the Internet, traffic metrics account for our sense of the Internet…


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2015 Cisco VNI Complete Forecast Update: Key Trends Include Mobility, M2M and Multimedia Content

…ng, will continue to garner the largest share of total global IP traffic. Globally, IP video traffic will account for 80 percent of all IP traffic by 2019 (see figure below). For more information and insights from the latest VNI study, I invite you to explore the following links: Watch Cisco’s VNI Forecast 2014-2019 Webcast featuring key findings and projections. The Cisco VNI Forecast Highlights Tool provides key forecast predictions that…


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A Summary of Cisco VXLAN Control Planes: Multicast, Unicast, MP-BGP EVPN

…on Edge (NVE): overlay interface configured in Cisco devices to define a VTEP VXLAN with Multicast Control Plane When configuring VXLAN with multicast control plane: Every node configured with a VTEP for a VXLAN with certain VNI will join the same multicast group. Multicast configuration must support Any-Source Multicast (ASM) Initially, the switch will only learn the Mac Addresses of devices directly connected to them. Remote Mac Addresses are…


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APAC leads Global mobile trends

…oss the region where regulatory constraints on un-licensed spectrum have improved. APAC has also benefited from the large investments in fibre networks for broadband, leveraged by Wi-Fi for backhaul. Another key trend in the VNI forecast I want to call out about VoWiFi adoption. The global interest in VoWiFi as a complementary voice solution to VoLTE and 3G voice I discussed in a previous blog post, but now VNI puts some numbers around how far…


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