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The Ubiquitous Nature of the Internet of Everything (IoE) drives new Network Requirements

…to bring audio, video, and navigational content to the vehicle. Critical applications such as the connected car safety applications can’t compromise when it comes to vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-user communications — broadband needs will be more stringent (requiring a latency of nearly 10 milliseconds). The traffic signal violation warning, pre-crash sensing and stop sign movement assistance as well as other in-vehicle warning systems n…


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The Internet of Everything (IoE) will require Digital Data Storage and Recovery Innovations

…IoE universe. With more than 10.5 billion machine-to-machine (M2M) connections projected by 2019 (source: Cisco VNI Complete Forecast 2015), there will be an exponential increase in the amount of information that must be securely processed, analyzed, and acted upon. This brings us to the complex heart of the matter — the proximity of the cloud datacenter to the end user. Successful computing requires both access(or reach) as well as quality…


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The world cuts the cable: Wireless Traffic to Exceed Fixed IP Traffic Next Year

One key take out for me from the latest Cisco VNI report is that wireless traffic is about to exceed fixed for the first time. Today wireless (Wi-Fi & Mobile) is 46% of total IP traffic, in 5-years it will be 67%. In fact at the projected rate of traffic migration this significant milestone will be reached next year. Proportion of total global IP traffic This is no surprise given the way Mobile devices have become the internet portal of cho…


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Securing Explosive Growth in Video… Service Providers need all the Firepower.

…o multiscreen devices. Video viewing will make up 80% of global IP traffic by 2019, according to Cisco’s latest VNI report, and that traffic is expected to cross over 24 billion connected devices. This explosive growth of multi-screen IP video is expanding Pay-TV revenue opportunities. It is causing an intersection of Pay TV and OTT video, which is best protected by a combined CAS + DRM strategy to cover all devices on managed or unmanaged networ…


Security and What Matters Most…

…n and of course our physical well-being when traveling. Still, even with ever more creative ways for cyber adversaries to disrupt our lives, for the most part, the systems in place have been successful at helping us avoid major catastrophe. Our service provider customers are no different: They also worry about the safety and security of their networks and infrastructures and any impact an attack might have on their customers. Cisco’s latest VNI


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