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OSPod #30: Edgar Magana of Workday

…It was just the main reason everybody knows about that. It’s been, from the [inaudible 00:19:46] are very challenged project. We have different vendors who has different ideas. We implement technology in different ways. Trying to make a project isolated 100% of any vendor specific idea, it was very hard, but we did it as much as possible. Then it was a point of how we really make it that we can replace this simple nova network. We ended up…


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Girls Power Tech Inspires Young Women to Pursue IT Careers

…up with their own Internet of Everything products as part of the IoT World Forum Young Women’s Innovation Grand Challenge. Ben’s Double Robot made technology exciting for the girls in attendance and inspired them to create their own innovative solutions With the help of Cisco employee volunteers and mentors, they worked together in teams of five, dreaming up ways to take advantage of the growing number of devices connected to the Internet….


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No Inclusive Growth Without Women and Girls in ICT

Last week we partnered with the WEF in launching the 2015 Global Information Technology Report highlighting the importance of closing the gender gap in ICT to ensure everybody benefits from ICTs. Today as we celebrate the ITU’s Girl in ICT day all around the world, we recognize the challenge in front of us: fewer women and girls than men and boys use mobile phones and the Internet, fewer girls have shown interest in ICT careers, and fewer women…


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#CiscoChat Recap: Why the World Needs More Girls in Tech

…e successful in ICT and STEM-related fields. And in regards to skills that women in particular can bring to the tech table, intuition, patience and diverse perspectives were touted time and time again. 3. Are there any social inequalities that having more girls in the IT workforce can break? Shedding stereotypes and overcoming obstacles can be a challenge for women who desire a career in the IT industry. But those who find success in this fiel…


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Bringing Up a New Branch Site the Easy Way with Prime Infrastructure – Part 2

…ons depend on rock solid wired LAN access. You want to set up your wired and wireless access for success. A big challenge is how to keep it simple and easy to manage. Cisco Converged Access combines wired LAN access and wireless access together into a single deployment mode, so you can apply a unified policy and use a unified management method. Furthermore, it allows all your IWAN advantages to be fully utilized. It does so by converting all 802….


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