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Courage in Sports: Titans of Social Media”>during

…eries by Ruffin, he has grown as an athlete, business man and a person. Ruffin has worked his way into the spotlight of many NFL and CFL teams and has chosen to start his career with the CFL. Ruffin’s iconic social media popularity is due to his never die attitude and #TNDO lifestyle (Take No Days Off) keeping him grinding to work and reach his goal of making it to the CFL. Thanks to social media, he gained iconic popularity among his fans who ch…


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Social Media Spotlight: How to Get Started in Social Media

…st few years, so many partners and even Cisco employees have asked me time and again “How do I get started in social media?” Having heard that question so often, it seemed to me that before we use our new Social Media Spotlight series to highlight best practices when blogging, or using Twitter or Facebook, we should explain how to get into the social media game. I myself came to social media by way of journalism, so when someone asks me how to ge…


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Evolving into a Social Business

Social Business” seems to be the next logical evolution within an enterprise that has already started adopting social media practices within various departments. Recently, I had a chance to discuss this topic with other industry leading social media practitioners. I also attend a few panel discussions at Social Media Week in San Francisco during which a spotlight was placed on this topic. Through this blog series, I will share my findings and t…


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