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Social Media is the New Air Conditioning

…. In Brown’s words, “Anything that puts a book into the hands of a child is a good thing.” Stephanie Brown used social media to fundraise for the free library. It’s not only the Nextdoor site bringing communities together. This week on The Network we feature two brothers from the Bronx who seized the power of social media to shine a spotlight on their community. Anthony and Paul Ramirez use social media to shine a light on the Bronx. They are usi…


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Annual Contest Honors Videos That Drive Social Change

…Good Award: Recognizing effective use of comedy to make people laugh and take action. The Most Inspiring Youth Media Award: For youth who best communicated their thoughts on pressing social issues in a way that inspired others. Members of the public will be able to vote for the winners from February 28 through March 10. Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is contributing a cash prize to the winner of the Best Nonprofit Video catego…


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Cisco IT University Program Innovation: Leveraging Social Media to Attract Top Talent

…witter stream at major Cisco IT and companywide events e.g. Hack IT, All Hands, Executive Meet & Greet etc. Spotlight on New Graduates, Interns and Returning Interns with their picture and questions answered about their role at Cisco Videos of IT Leadership focusing on why new graduates & interns should choose to work for Cisco Overall, implementing an extensive social media strategy to reach the millennial generation has been a big win…


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Courage in Sports: Titans of Social Media”>during

…log series by Ruffin, he has grown as an athlete, business man and a person. Ruffin has worked his way into the spotlight of many NFL and CFL teams and has chosen to start his career with the CFL. Ruffin’s iconic social media popularity is due to his never die attitude and #TNDO lifestyle (Take No Days Off) keeping him grinding to work and reach his goal of making it to the CFL. Thanks to social media, he gained iconic popularity among his fans w…


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What to Do If You’re Drowning in the Sea of Social Media

If you’re a social manager trying to weather the storm all by yourself, at some point you have probably yelled (or will yell) for a life vest. Your life vest can come in many shapes and sizes. And help may be closer than you think. In the context of social media, a life vest can be budget, executive support, an army of employees (whose  main job is not social media) ready to engage with you, or a combination of the above. For the purpose of this…


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