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How to set up a Reverse Mentoring Program in 10 Steps

In 2011, I wrote a blog called “The Results: How Reverse Mentoring Can Enhance Diversity and Inclusion”. The blog described the benefits, the lessons learned and the most popular areas to mentor from a Reverse Mentoring Program I led at Cisco. Since publishing this blog, I’ve been touched by the number of people who have reached out to me, both from within Cisco and outside of Cisco from other companies, to find out more about how to set up a su…


Cisco is Among Canada’s 10 “Most Admired Corporate Cultures”

…(ECN) Chair, accepted the award on behalf of Cisco Canada. The ECN is a group of young leaders who spearhead our reverse mentoring program, where junior staff members mentor senior management, allowing both generations of employees to interact, learn and develop various skills needed to move forward as a company in a fast paced and ever-changing society. ECN acts as a reflection of our corporate culture, as it demonstrates Cisco Canada’s goal to…


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Collaboration and Summer Interns

We’re officially in the middle of summer and at Cisco IT that means we’re knee deep in our summer internship program.  Working with the summer interns is one of the best parts of my job. I absolutely love our interns’ unbridled energy and enthusiasm. They are refreshing in their honesty and bring new ideas and new ways of looking at things, viewing work through a different lens. And I also admire the way they work.  It’s not surprising that as s…


Cisco ASR 901: Pioneering Innovation and Product Development from Emerging Countries

Guest post from Dr. Ishwar Parulkar Dr. Ishwar Parulkar is the CTO of Provider Access Business Unit of Cisco Systems in Bangalore. The Indian Information Technology sector is coming of age as it focuses on innovation and product development after a couple of decades of success based on service based engineering models. The Asian software and services engineering giant is also trailblazing for the emerging world by bringing in specific technolo…


5 Likes and 5 Loves of Social Media Week – San Francisco, Day 2 @ Cisco

…desire to embrace life-long change. He went on to say that some Cisco executives have welcomed change through a reverse mentoring program with young employees. Cisco executives, Carlos Dominguez and Sheila Jordan, shared their perspectives on social media. Carlos joined Social Media Week San Francisco via Cisco TelePresence, and Sheila joined us in person. Follow them on Twitter @CiscoSheila and @carlosdominguez. 3. During “Why Enterprise Socia…


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