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How to set up a Reverse Mentoring Program in 10 Steps

In 2011, I wrote a blog called “The Results: How Reverse Mentoring Can Enhance Diversity and Inclusion”. The blog described the benefits, the lessons learned and the most popular areas to mentor from a Reverse Mentoring Program I led at Cisco. Since publishing this blog, I’ve been touched by the number of people who have reached out to me, both from within Cisco and outside of Cisco from other companies, to find out more about how to set up a su…


Cisco is Among Canada’s 10 “Most Admired Corporate Cultures”

…ECN) Chair, accepted the award on behalf of Cisco Canada. The ECN is a group of young leaders who spearhead our reverse mentoring program, where junior staff members mentor senior management, allowing both generations of employees to interact, learn and develop various skills needed to move forward as a company in a fast paced and ever-changing society. ECN acts as a reflection of our corporate culture, as it demonstrates Cisco Canada’s goal to h…


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Collaboration and Summer Interns

…outside of the office. We realize we can learn a lot from our interns. That’s why we’ve developed an informal “reverse mentoring” program to capture these new insights. Of course, we believe we do a great job with our intern program, beginning with recruiting a solid group of talented, high potential students.  Our motto is “recruit once, hire twice” because we want to bring our interns on full-time after they graduate. This summer we are fortun…


Cisco ASR 901: Pioneering Innovation and Product Development from Emerging Countries

…dvancement Innovation Award at the NASSCOM 2012 India Leadership Forum. This product is also a unique case of reverse innovation, where even though initially driven by critical emerging countries’ requirements, it is now a competitive product in developed countries as well. The product definition, its design tradeoffs, execution and development of ecosystem partnerships are a pioneering model for IT MNCs in the emerging world to innovate and d…


5 Likes and 5 Loves of Social Media Week – San Francisco, Day 2 @ Cisco

…desire to embrace life-long change. He went on to say that some Cisco executives have welcomed change through a reverse mentoring program with young employees. Cisco executives, Carlos Dominguez and Sheila Jordan, shared their perspectives on social media. Carlos joined Social Media Week San Francisco via Cisco TelePresence, and Sheila joined us in person. Follow them on Twitter @CiscoSheila and @carlosdominguez. 3. During “Why Enterprise Social…


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