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50 Billion Things, Coming to a Cloud Near You

…far the answer has been hybrid cloud—a combination of public and private clouds. But public cloud economics and interoperability are not a core design principle.  As a result we have seen a race to zero in pricing to the point that IaaS is essentially free. Many of the smaller players will be acquired or go out of business as they struggle to fund the CapEx required. Once again this means significant and growing risk for our customers especially…


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Cisco Enhances SDN Strategy and Offerings Across the Entire Nexus Portfolio with new VTS Automation Solution

…With support for the EVPN VXLAN standard, VTS furthers Cisco’s commitment to open SDN standards, and increases interoperability in heterogeneous switching environments, with third-party controllers, and with cloud automation tools that sit on top of the open northbound API’s of the VTS controller. Cisco is committed to delivering this degree of interoperability and integration with multi-vendor ecosystems for all of its SDN architectures, as w…


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Collaboration System Release 11.0: Experience, Simplicity, Ubiquity

…you connect to UC Manager from outside the firewall via secure VPN-less access. We also enhanced Microsoft Lync interoperability by supporting Microsoft’s proprietary version of H.264 SVC. Cisco Expressway now allows all participants in a TelePresence Server conference to share content. Not only can Cisco endpoints share with Lync users, but also desktop Lync clients can share to Cisco endpoints. These are just some highlights of Cisco’s Collabor…


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MPI newbie: What is “operating system bypass”?

…sumptions (e.g., in a heavily oversubscribed virtualized environment). Additionally, the level of wire protocol interoperability is usually quite low: an individual process in a running MPI job, for example, typically assumes that all its peers are speaking the same wire protocol.  It may even assume that all of its peers are using NICs from the same vendor — possibly even the exact same firmware level. Such assumptions lead to simplificati…


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Innovative Benefits of Cisco’s Collaboration Core Infrastructure Approach

…ibility extends to: Business-to-business and business-to-consumer interaction Secure connectivity to the cloud Interoperability with third-party endpoints and systems Public-switched-telephone-network (PSTN) connectivity options Central management and granular, comprehensive visibility of your entire collaboration implementation. This is a significant improvement over traditional approaches that rely on nonintegrated management tools. Having a…


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