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Opportunities and Value Through Data Science (Part 1)

…World Conference in San Jose, and came away impressed with the accelerating pace of innovation in the world of Big Data. Companies and startups are innovating in every area of the Big Data value chain – from automating how data is collected, cleaned, and organized; to data governance and management; to data storage using a plethora of NoSQL database technologies; and to the numerous emerging tools for data science. Of particular interest are the…


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Data Lifecycle Management for Hadoop with Cisco UCS and HDP

…becomes cold as it ages and utility goes down. It is critical to cost-effectively manage the full life cycle of data and process it as applications demand. This value driven management of data can be challenging. Hadoop addresses above challenge using the tiered storage capability of Apache HDFS. Cisco and Hortonworks have partnered to offer an industry leading solution combining the innovations in Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data


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OSPod #30: Edgar Magana of Workday

…actually help us to move out of our nice, very well-designed dev environment into the real world, which is the data centers, with minimal connections, a lot of security requirements. It’s not easy, believe me. Going to production has been a very good challenge, but we’re almost there. Niki Acosta:               Tell me about the cultural aspects. I’m asking that because when I go and I talk to big companies about cloud deployme…


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OSPod #29: Jay Pipes

…his one desk in the records retention area and there was this old DOS 286 green-screen computer. There was this big book of semantic Q&A database programming. Like you look back at it now and it wasn’t really database programming, it was more like draw a screen form, then put in your data or whatever. Anyway, so I took those books home over a weekend and came back and I programmed this little database application that stored all the rec…


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IoE and Convergence: The Path toward Greater Efficiency and Improved Citizen Services

…unlock all the benefits of IoE, the first step is convergence. Convergence is what we refer to as the union of Big Data, Cloud Computing and Mobility. As these pervasive technology megatrends come together—there is a synergy that is created. This allows for a more streamlined, efficient technology environment that bridges the gap between government operations and citizen services. Convergence and the Public Sector The idea of benefiting from IoE…


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