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IoT Meets Standards, Driving Interoperability and Adoption

…icles. Aligning industry standards with IP and Ethernet: Historically, major industry players in manufacturing, transportation, and other verticals have established standards bodies around their own protocols and technologies, often creating conflicting standards and thus inhibiting interoperability and adoption. The IoT industry is working with the major industry standards bodies such as ODVA to migrate existing standards to IP and Ethernet whil…


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New Collaboration Cloud Harnesses the Power of IoE to Improve Public Safety

…judges and inmates at correctional facilities. This helps law enforcement organizations to significantly reduce transportation and overtime costs for personnel. It can also reduce other public safety risks including reduced movement of incarcerated individuals by enabling legal teams and providers of numerous inmate services to communicate with inmates via video. The National Sheriffs’ Association Collaboration Cloud will give law enforcement org…


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Number of Access Technologies and IoT Deployments Is Skyrocketing

…ry day or two, and the data isn’t particularly time-sensitive. Or, to ensure safety and efficiency in connected transportation systems, narrow-band radio might be used to send several kilobytes of data to all of a city’s buses using just five high-profile transmission sites. IoT Access Technologies Vary According to Bandwidth, Reach, Power, and Cost. Source: Cisco, 2015 On the other extreme, the sensors deployed around an oil rig to ensure opera…


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Data Analytics: Transforming Journeys

It’s dawn and I’m catching the fast train from Amsterdam to Paris. Three days of meetings and a view of one of the most fantastic cities in the world. While stepping onto the train, I had a déjà vu moment that took me back to being a student when I traveled around Europe with a train ticket in my back pocket. Trains have not changed much. Same rails, similar seats, just a different color fabric. Even the people are the same—as diverse as always,…


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Event Recap: Cisco at the EEI Annual Convention

…oined by Tesla Motors Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder JB Straubel. The three leaders discussed electric transportation, energy storage, and the role of technology and innovation for utilities and their customers. Other sessions on the first day included: Approaches to Grid Security and Resiliency – panel moderated by PPL Corporation Chairman, President and CEO Bill Spence, discussing specific actions and approaches the electric sec…


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