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Customer Spotlight: Alabama Dept. of Transportation Reduces Travel Expenses with Video Solution

…in the capital and in other cities, and employees spent precious time and money traveling all across the state. One such state with this issue is Alabama. The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) manages all forms of transportation in the state, including one of the longest navigable inland waterways in the nation, six commercial airports and a large seaport on the Gulf of Mexico. To ensure these multiple forms of transportation run…


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Cisco’s Solution Framework for the Digital Journey

…o help our customers throughout the digital journey. Cisco’s Digital Solutions for Industries Cisco has a robust portfolio of industry solutions where digitization provides critical value. Click to Enlarge The Manufacturing, Transportation, Utilities, and Oil & Gas industries have been evolving for quite some time. Now, for the first time, organizations in these fields have the opportunity to integrate digital capabilities across all…


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Revising the Storyline – Senate Leadership & New Industry Cooperation for the 5.9 GHz Band

…to a large swath existing unlicensed spectrum, the notion is that in some way, it may be possible for unlicensed technologies (such as Wi-Fi) to utilize bits of the 5.9 GHz radio spectrum that incumbents (such as intelligent transportation systems) are not using. But that simple idea has itself generated controversy – exactly how would that happen? And who decides? Based on what?   After all, the incumbent ITS uses are “safety of life” uses –…


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#WednesdayWalkabout Series: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

…e daily function of 21st century society. As urban population centers grow, so does the demand on transportation infrastructure. More and more commuters are shifting from using roadways to rail, bus and other means of public transportation. This shift is changing the role of public transportation systems and the station hubs that support them. Commuters demand full connectivity – transportation operators must assume that everything and everyone…


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IoE and Managing Assets in Motion: Making Better, Smarter, Faster Organizations

…ether by sea, land, or air. Imagine not just one sailboat, but rather fleets of cargo ships, trucks, and trains I encourage you to check out my video where I talk about how these solutions are benefiting first responders and transportation customers where every second counts. Mobile Asset Management provides an incredible advantage in managing mobile assets and distributed workforces. This is the power of the IoE: immediate access to an…


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