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Creating a new guest Wi-Fi experience with CMX Connect

…e you ever found yourself constantly checking emails on your phone, whether you are in the supermarket, a sport stadium or your doctor’s office? We live in a connected world so when people lose their Internet connectivity, they feel as uncomfortable as if they are walking in the dark. According to a Cisco report [1], one in every three college students and young professionals believes the Internet is as important as air, water, food, and shelter….


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Signs of Collaboration

…ering with EVS, the digital video production leaders, to transform the way video is delivered to sports fans in stadiums and arenas around the world. The formula is quite simple: EVS captures massive amounts of game content on its video servers and Cisco has the wired and wireless networks in place to deliver the replays of touchdowns, goals and slam-dunks to every screen in the stadium. Fans tell us in survey after survey that they want to see t…


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How the Intercloud Empowers Mobility Intelligence for Service Providers

…game a service provider might see that most of the customers are Apple subscribers using their iPhone 6s at the stadium. As a result, they could offer those customers an Apple Pay option to pay for goods and services while at the game. Since Cisco Mobility IQ is offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) and hosted on our Intercloud platform which is built on OpenStack, it allows service providers to quickly gain the benefits without having to…


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The Evolution of the #ConnectedFan

…enture to say that the fan-player relationship is now personal. You used to be able to only enjoy a game at the stadium where it was being played, or by listening to the radio or watching TV. You certainly couldn’t share your thoughts on the game with the players playing, except by screaming at them – or the TV. Innovations in streaming video, live broadcasting and social media, have made today’s experience radically different. Wi-Fi-enabled spor…


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Telefónica and Cisco Personalize the Consumer Experience at Mobile World Congress

…nsumer experience and open new monetization opportunities.  These compelling examples included retail stores, a stadium, a restaurant chain, and even the live Mobile World Congress Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the active, real-time questions that arose via tweets, Robert and Kelly were able to respond to the audience quickly.  The one question that resonated frequently was about privacy and marketing to consumers without their knowledge. Robert Fran…


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