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Unleashing Value with Today’s IoT Innovation Leaders

…rs around the Internet of Things (IoT). How will we find you? On Monday, June 22, we launched the second annual Innovation Grand Challenge to discover the latest and greatest IoT innovators over the next six months. We’re enticing them out of the shadows and into the spotlight with $250,000 in total prizes and $150,000 to the overall winner. Further, winners will gain access to Cisco’s IoE Centers of Innovation, premier resources, mentorships and…


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The Digital Vortex, Where Disruption Is Constant and Innovation Rules

…to experience the least amount of digital disruption. However, all industries will see competitive upheavals as innovations become increasingly exponential. Disrupt, or Be Disrupted. Based on their ranking and placement within the Digital Vortex, firms can evaluate the speed at which their industry will experience disruption. They then can choose to “disrupt themselves” or potentially be displaced by a new business model. Clearly, the stakes are…


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Co-Innovating With Our Customers

…n the past couple of years, I have been delighted to see how the digital revolution has accelerated the pace of innovation at warp speed. It has been even more gratifying, however, to experience how this trend has disrupted traditional relationships between technology suppliers and their customers. Today, the most successful suppliers and customers have become more like trusted partners co-innovating solutions together. Fading fast are the days w…


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Cisco Live: We Are Ready. Are You Ready, Service Provider?”

…EPN manager is a key component of Cisco’s full multi-layer network service lifecycle management solution. Innovation Talks – We had two Service Provider focus Innovation Talks that discussed how Cisco challenges customers to go through Business Transformation. Customers learned how service providers keep pace with the changing demands on network agility and responsiveness. Increase profits and improve business outcomes through virtual…


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What happened after the Innovation Grand Challenge Awards?

At Cisco, we have invested significant time, money and resources into igniting innovation around the Internet of Everything (IoE) both inside and outside the company. Since fostering an innovation ecosystem is so critical to the success of IoE, last year we launched the global Innovation Grand Challenge. The risk-reward ratio was high, but with a lot of hard work – at Cisco and with partners — the Challenge was a resounding success by all…


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