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A Kilo of Cisco Contributions

…continues to play a leading role in the Neutron project, making contributions such as bringing in much desired IPv6 support to OpenStack. With most operators faced with the reality of IPv4 address scarcity, making the switch to IPv6 is often imperative. In the Juno release we have developed the support for Router Advertisement Daemon (radvd) for IPv6 and in Kilo we have added support for multiple IPv6 prefixes for IPv6 networks. Since IPv6 stand…


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Cisco at OpenStack Summit, Vancouver

…itects will be presenting their perspectives on OpenStack networking topics, including sessions on implementing IPv6, adding enterprise functions to Open vSwitch, availability of Neutron extensions and ML2 drivers, and the innovative use of Network Function Virtualization to create cloud VPNs. You can see the full list on the Cisco at OpenStack Summit website, to mark your schedule in advance. Cisco will also have a special sponsored track on Tue…


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Interop 2015 : ITD is Best of Interop finalist

…resiliency, NAT, (EFT), VIP, health monitoring, sophisticated failure handling policies, N+M redundancy, IPv4, IPv6, VRF, weighted load-balancing, bi-directional flow-coherency, and IPSLA probes including DNS. There is no service module or external appliance needed. ITD has a lot of different types of use-cases. Some of these are: Create a multi-Tbps Firewall Create a multi-Tbps Video-cache Firewall/IPS/IDS/WAF load-balancing. Web Server load-…


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The Secure Way to IPv6 – Use Your Proxy!

When asked about IPv6, many companies are aware that they must do something, but are not sure what is the best way to approach IPv6. In my talks with customers, I found that the unfamiliarity with IPv6 is one of the biggest obstacles. So, to gain experience with IPv6, there are several paths to go down, from the inside-out approach (start within an internal area and work outwards) to the outside-in (work from the internet towards the internal ne…


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The results are in! OpenStack Summit Speaker Update

…ively Scalable Federated Networking Using OpenStack Mynul Hoda (Cisco) 15) Implementing an IPv6 Enabled Environment for a Public Cloud Tenant – A Case Study Sharmin Choksey, Anik Mazumder, and Shixion Shang (all Cisco) 16) Cloud VPNs in OpenStack Ian Wells (Cisco) 17) What’s Next in OpenStack: A Glimpse at the Roadmap Mike Cohen (Cisco). Naren Narenda (Cisco), Scott Drennan (Nuage Net…


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