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Major Mobile Milestones – The Last 15 Years, and the Next Five

…ge smartphone owner today is carrying a computing device more powerful than 10 PCs from 2000. And mobile devices have evolved from devices for calling and texting to devices for calling, texting, tweeting, posting, watching, gaming, banking, navigating, shopping, and reading. Here’s a very brief summary of some of the major mobile milestones that many of us have experienced over the last 15 years, in five-year increments. What did we miss or…


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The Top Five Things That Will Drive Gigabit Consumption

…drive broadband consumption: Ultra high-resolution video, and fast, wide connectivity. We estimate the value of connected healthcare at $106 billion, between 2103 and 2022. The way we’re entertained. Already, virtual reality gaming and entertainment is taking hold for its genuinely immersive qualities.The world of “500 channels” of TV morphed into millions of choices of high-definition video titles. What’s next…holographic TV? Sure, why not. We…


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The Palms Casino Resort Wins Big with Cisco to Enhance the Guest Experience

…the Palms that Saint-Marc and his staff need to manage, it can seem like a tall order for a network to handle. Not only does Saint-Marc use the network to employ a private cloud to manage critical systems, such as the Palms’ gaming systems and email, but also to manage the Palms’ point of sale system for all purchases on the property, which includes over 1,200 gaming machines throughout the resort and casino, totaling 5,000 devices in all. “IT…


Preparing for the Next Big Wave in IT: The Intercloud’s Role in Digitization

…modal IT model to take advantage of this uber-distributed compute fabric – one that supports their existing legacy applications AND one that supports hyperscale applications (those cloud-native applications built for mobile, gaming, ecommerce, etc.).  We need to allow enterprise to deploy those new applications in hundreds of clouds and not just on their own private cloud. Enabling this kind of distributed application environment will require an…


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FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud — A Premier Integrated Platform for Mission Critical Microsoft SQL Server Implementations

… The tests for the performance and load test were created using Microsoft Visual Studio to record user actions which include back office, new player creation, gaming, and database maintenance activities. The gaming activity specifically consisted of logging on to the system, checking the player’s current cash and bonus balance, current loyalty point balance, playing on-line slot…


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