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Network Services Headers (NSH): Creating a Service Plane for Cloud Networks

In the past, we have pointed out that configuring network services and security policies into an application network has traditionally been the most complex, tedious and time-consuming aspect of deploying new applications. For a data center or cloud provider to stand up applications in minutes and not days, easily configuring the right service nodes (e.g. a load balancer or firewall), with the right application and security policies, to support…


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Empower Your Employees with a #MobileWorkspace

…eploying a comprehensive mobility solution that has been tested and validated end to end.  Working together with Citrix, Cisco has integrated industry-leading mobility technologies to deliver a secure Mobile Workspace Solution that can be deployed incrementally at a pace that meets your organization’s needs. In this webinar, Cisco and Citrix experts will discuss how you can overcome the obstacles to delivering mobility to your employees, co…


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ACI Walkabout at CiscoLive 2014, San Francisco

…esent in the DevNet Zone theater “Citrix in the Automated Datacenter:  Integrate All the APIs!” Learn More about Citrix participation in Cisco DevNet zone.In closing, I want to bring an exciting piece of news.  At Citrix Synergy last week, Anaheim, Cisco won the Citrix Best of Synergy awards for category Networking with the Citrix NetScaler 1000v solution. This is an example of Cisco’s commitment to continued innovations with our partner eco-syst…


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Powering the New Citrix Mobile Workspace – built on Cisco UCS

Did you catch the news from Cisco and Citrix yesterday?  Here at Citrix Synergy, we announced the new Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix.  This new jointly integrated solution brings together best of breed technologies from both companies to deliver a pervasively accessible end user workspace – One that can be delivered on any device, anywhere, seamlessly and securely integrated with the applications and productivity suite necessary for…


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Get Your Mobile Workspace Solution now – from Cisco and Citrix

…with our ecosystem partners to provide a complete mobile workspace solution. One of these ecosystem partners is Citrix and in this blog, I’d like to highlight a first-of-its-kind solution for employee mobility, that Cisco & Citrix have developed in close collaboration. This new Cisco Mobile Workspace Solution with Citrix, built on the Citrix Workspace Suite, provides the complete hardware and software technology stack for delivering all the…


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