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Cisco Partner Weekly Rewind – May 23, 2014

May 23, 2014 at 5:40 pm PST

Each week, we’ll highlight the most important Cisco partner news and stories, as well as point you to important, Cisco-related partner content you may have missed along the way. Here’s what you might have missed this week:

Off the Top

I just got back from Cisco Live US in San Francisco, and while my flight back was a little bumpy, the event this week was smooth sailing. As usual, we provided recaps giving our partners some insight into the areas of Cisco Live where you might want to focus. Be sure to review my recap of the first two days and my recap of the remainder of the week in San Francisco.

My colleague, Anna Sui, and I also wanted to capture the real “flavor” of being in San Francisco this week, so here are some reasons you might want to attend a Cisco Live event, and some of these reasons may not always be what you think…

For those of you that joined us in San Francisco, I hope you had a great time and learned a lot. Please let me know if you need any other information and I’ll follow up with you. Read More »

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High Energy at Cisco Live in San Francisco

May 23, 2014 at 4:56 pm PST

Cisco Live is always a ‘High Energy’ event, and this week at San Francisco proved no different.

It was also a place where Energy companies themselves had come to learn about the newest trends and product solutions from Cisco and, just as important, to mingle and network with peers and industry thought leaders.

The ‘World of Solutions‘ had a number of examples of Energy Industry Solutions aimed at business needs, not just “bits and bytes”. One example was the use of OSISoft’s Pi software which can run directly in Cisco Grid Routers. OSISoft and Cisco are partnering to improve real-time gathering and monitoring of process data in the the Utilities and Oil and Gas Industries. The Pi Software actually runs on the Cisco router as a form of ‘Fog Computing’. A thermal camera was shown collecting data (a heat lamp in this demo) and the information from that ‘Internet of Things’ thing was sent in real time across the network. This kind of solution can alert supervisors of a possible problem, and allow faster remediation. That kind of real-time data monitoring and fast reaction over the network can save lives. More of that in a future blog, when I’ll be telling you more about the business benefits Utilities and Oil and Gas companies are getting from this kind of Cisco technology today.

One of the highlights for me had to be the arrival of Alan Matula on stage with John Chambers. Alan is EVP and CIO at Royal Dutch Shell. It was quite allegorical to see both industry leaders on stage together. Here was not a supplier/customer relationship, but a business partnership between Shell and Cisco aimed at producing successful business outcomes.

Alan talked about “Innovation is in our DNA“, and “We are a technology Company first and an oil company after that“. Clearly strong synergies with Cisco -- the Cisco Live event is a poster-child for Innovation! Alan added that they have “…A very different business model supported by Cisco technology“.

SAlan Matula Cisco Live 2014hell also talked about how Cisco was partnering with them to address critical infrastructure security, and how they didn’t want sales people, although salespeople are good, they need people who can help them turn technology into business processes and outcomes. My colleague Joseph Bradley tweeted: #CLUS #IoE Shell CIO and EVP on stage with Chambers. Shell has reinvented its DNA…”Failure has to be supported” IOE is not without failure. John Chambers added to Alan Matula’s comments: “Shell has taken the Internet of Everything to new levels.” More about Shell in one of my future blogs too, as Cisco is sharing the challenges with it’s customers including companies such as Royal Dutch Shell.

Look out for my future blogs giving you more insights into the Cisco Live 2014 event -- focusing on the Energy Industry.

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Do You Want to Help Shape the Future of Cloud?

Please take 3 minutes to take the 17-question 2014 Survey to weigh in on key issues to be discussed by North Bridge, Gigaom, and industry colleagues over the next year. Hear the issues debated first hand during the Gigaom Structure “Future of Cloud Computing Survey” panel on June 18th!

Please take 3 minutes to take the 17-question 2014 Survey to weigh in on key issues to be discussed by North Bridge, Gigaom, and industry colleagues over the next year.

The 4th annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey is underway! Cisco, along with North Bridge and Gigaom Research, and over 60 industry collaborators aim to explore the types of cloud computing technologies being used today and in the future.

Please take 3 minutes to take the 17-question 2014 Survey to weigh in on key issues to be discussed by North Bridge, Gigaom, and industry colleagues over the next year. You can also hear the issues debated first hand during the Gigaom Structure “Future of Cloud Computing Survey” panel on June 18th!

Your participation in the survey is instrumental for our industry to understand how cloud computing resources are being applied. This survey will help shed light on the requirements and needs of the cloud computing market so that vendors can deliver the best solutions.  Accordingly, your answers in this survey will help shape future solutions.

As more and more emphasis is put on shifting workloads across the Intercloud, understanding the drivers and inhibitors will help define accurate cloud strategies across organizations.

Re-cap of the 2013 Survey Findings:

  • Business is driving cloud adoption:   Organizations average 52% current use of applications that advance business priorities, compared with an average 36% that use applications that advance IT priorities – underscoring the increasing value placed by organizations on facilitating the delivery of services beyond IT via the cloud
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leads but fastest growth is in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), which will give way to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in five years.
  • Agility and scalability are the primary drivers for cloud adoption. However, the need for cloud services to support mobility and the ability for continuous innovation to drive competitive advantage through more integrated business processes are all key drivers for the future.
  • Security is starting to lose its label as the primary inhibitor to cloud adoption as other significant adoption issues arise

The survey closes May 30th, get your responses in now!

2013 Future of Cloud Computing -- 3rd Annual Survey Results from Michael J Skok


Addition Resources:

Did you miss CiscoLive? Read the “Moving at #Cloud Speed” recap by Didier Rombaut.  This blogs includes links to many new cloud assets.

Gigaom: Future of Cloud Computing Survey Results, June 18-19 2014 (San Francisco, CA)

Read Nick Earle's bio

Read Nick Earle’s bio

Cloud World Forum:  Nick Earle, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Services Sales and Channels at Cisco will be giving a keynote at Cloud World Forum (London, UK) on June 17th at 16:30.  His masterclass address will discuss how you can align your strategy and business for success using cloud.


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Ciscolive! 25 Years of Networkers

CiscoLiveCisco hosted our first Networkers customer event, now Ciscolive!, 25 years ago.  Our first event was small with around 200 attendees focused on multiprotocal routing technologies.  This year more than 25,000 Cisco customers, partners, press, and analysts attended live in San Francisco, with over 200,000 participating online  with topics ranging from Intercloud, Collaboration, Security, and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to Connected Cities with Smart Parking, Traffic Management and  Public Safety, Connected Transportation, and Connected Government driving mission success to protect, educate, and serve.

I attended my first Cisco Networkers event 20 years ago in San Francisco and have worked on many exciting initiatives during my career the past 2 decades.  The role of networking technology as a platform for the Internet of Everything continues to evolve and accelerate more quickly being adopted and deployed in countries and communities around the world.

The week kicked off with keynotes and demonstrations highlighting the advances in technology as well as the potential for transformation in business and public sector.

KeynoteHighlights included:

Read More »

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The Evolution of the Mobile Service Provider – A Five-Stage Strategy

dan-kurschnerWritten By Dan Kurschner, Senior Manager SP Mobility Marketing

Over the past decades, Mobility has advanced from a mere curiosity (remember those “brick” phones?), to a convenience and today being an indispensable part of our everyday lives.  Businesses are leveraging the internet and the cloud to deliver new services and capabilities – via the mobile network.   While we can access the internet and cloud-based services from almost anywhere, most people do so with barely a thought of the complexities it takes to deliver this ubiquitously connected experience.

Mobile service providers have long been building and upgrading their networks to meet growing demand for capacity and capabilities to stay competitive.   Recently, a new type of competitor has emerged to threaten Read More »

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