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Cisco helps Australian Community-based, Non-profit Achieve its Goals

Relationships Australia WA is a not-for-profit which provides counselling for persons who have experienced domestic violence and family disputes. Relationships Australia WA also has a strong presence in the Aboriginal community, working with Indigenous communities across a range of issues.

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia by a long way (roughly three and half times the size of Texas) and is also the least densely populated state in Australia. In fact, its capital, Perth, is the most isolated capital city in the world. It is due to this tyranny of distance that Relationships Australia WA has plans to roll out collaboration technology such as IP phones and videoconferencing in order to improve the levels of collaboration between its 35 geographically diverse offices.

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Teleworking Supports Innovation in New Zealand’s Bay at Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Collaboration and video technologies support innovation and improve patient outcomes at one of New Zealand’s fastest growing District Health Boards

Bay of Plenty District Health Board provides health and disability services for the fastest growing District Health Board (DHB) in New Zealand.  It delivers health services through two major hospitals and a network of community based facilities across one of the country’s largest DHB geographies.  It is committed to continuous innovation in its service delivery to meet the changing and growing needs of the region.  

A key to the Bay of Plenty District Health Board’s future success is its ability to evolve its IT capability to meet the needs of its patient population. Collaboration and video technologies introduced by the DHB are improving the way hospital, community clinic and clinician communicate and work together across the region.

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A Better Cisco Software Experience For Partners

Partners, the Cisco software simplification team has heard you loud and clear on software licensing. You want a better Cisco software experience, from how you request a quote to how you activate and manage your software.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that on March 18 Cisco took a major step to simplify and unify this experience. New for Cisco partners is Cisco Software Central, a site that provides one-stop access for:

  • Quoting, ordering and delivery of software and licensing documents
  • Registering software products and obtaining license files
  • Downloading minor upgrades and patches
  • Ordering major version upgrades

The ultimate goal was to make this site easy to use, and to present you with relevant content and links to applications such as Cisco Commerce Workspace, eDelivery, License Registration and  Product Upgrade Tool, based on your entitlement and access rights.

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Collaboration and the Internet of Everything

Kiss your old running shoes good-bye. Change is constant. And technology has always been about change and convergence. But the massive, global-scale change occurring now is happening at rates faster than anyone ever predicted.

stinky shoesAnd this is disruptive change. It’s change that requires you to act, adapt, and move quickly to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.

Cisco has a long history of showcasing disruption and convergence at Enterprise Connect since the early days of VoiceCon. TDM to voice over IP; the convergence of voice, video, and data; unified communications: In each case we saw how converging technology and collaborative behavior has helped disrupt the traditional way of doing things and created more value for businesses and users.

Today technology is creating disruption in unexpected places.

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How Big Data Will Save the Physical Store

Reports of the physical retail store’s death have been greatly exaggerated. As a recent survey from the Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) found, 93 percent of products sold in the United States are still bought in brick-and-mortar locations. And while technology has upended many product categories and more than a few individual retailers, it simultaneously creates opportunities for retailers to continue to make the store shopping experience both relevant and compelling. Big Data in the store is key to achieving this.

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