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Securing the Internet of Everything: An Architectural View

As a follow up to my introductory blog on Securing the Internet of Everything, I would like to discuss further the security implications that will comprise proposed framework. As the applications of the IoT/M2M affect our daily lives, whether it is in the Industrial Control, Transportation, Smartgrid or Healthcare, it becomes imperative to ensure a secure IoT/M2M system. As the use of IP networks are employed, IoT/M2M applications have already become a target for attacks that will continue to grow in both quantity and sophistication. Both the scale and context of the IoT/M2M make it a compelling target for those who would do harm to companies, organizations, nations, and people.

The targets are abundant and cover many different industry segments. The potential impact spans from minor irritant to grave and significant damage and loss of life. The threats in this environment can be similarly categorized as those in the traditional IT environments. It’s useful to consider general platform architecture when discussing IoT security challenges. Below is the platform architecture that uses to frame IoT/M2M discussions.

While many existing security technologies and solutions can be leveraged across this architecture, perhaps especially across the Core and Data Center Cloud layers, there are unique challenges for the IoT. The nature of the endpoints and the sheer scale of aggregation in the data center require special attention.

The architecture is composed of four similar layers to those described in general network architectures. The first layer of the IoT/M2M architecture is comprised of Read More »

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Dr. Robert Pepper and Ken Boal Present Australia and New Zealand’s Cisco VNI Forecast

In a multi-point TelePresence press briefing on Friday 31st May Cisco Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Managing Director, Ken Boal, and VP for Global Technology Policy, Dr. Robert Pepper, teamed up to deliver the Australian and New Zealand specific findings of the annual Cisco Visual Networking Index.

Photo Press Conference

The latest forecast paints a picture of a world which is consuming the Internet at an astronomical rate with the Cisco VNI predicting that in 2017 there will be more than 19 billion devices connected to the internet! Dr. Pepper and Ken Boal were quick to point out to the attending media from ANZ that these 19 billion devices will increasingly be made up of devices that many people never thought would be Internet-enabled. As we move into the era of the Internet of Everything, more and more items will be connected to the Internet. Livestock, wearable tech and household appliances were just some of the examples given.

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One step closer to realising Australia’s cloud computing vision

The Australian Government’s announcement last week of the National Strategy for Cloud Computing is a welcome development and one that really moves the needle on the government’s procurement policies for cloud computing.

The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, used the opportunity to set out the government’s vision for using the cloud to boost innovation and productivity across Australia’s digital economy.

Cisco has been working closely with the various stakeholders to help shape the strategy and feels passionately about the significant benefits offered by cloud computing. Our vice president of global technology policy, Dr. Pepper, has been particularly vocal on the topic; not least at Cisco Live in Melbourne earlier this year when he strongly advocated for advanced cloud computing services to be made available over a high-speed broadband network.

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Cisco Messages on Hannover Messe Part 3 – That knowing look between ODVA and Cisco

Adrienne Meyer, ODVA, Manager of Member Services and Guy Denis, Business Development Manager at Cisco Systems, explain the value and integration that Cisco brings to ODVA for the past decade at Hannover Messe 2013.

Here is the third and final installment from the recent Cisco presence at Hanover Messe presence. The first installment can be viewed here: Cisco Messages on Hannover Messe Part 1, Guy Denis talks about the Cisco Booth, and the second here: Messages on Hannover Messe Part 2 – Rudolph Maly and 4th Industrial Revolution.

Adrienne is asked about the value that Cisco brings to the ODVA, and how long Cisco has been working with the ODVA. Adrienne talks about the decade long relationship and how Cisco works with a number of the ODVA technical working groups. Adrienne goes on to talk about how the ODVA manages the development of the Ethernet IP technology that Cisco Supports, and how Cisco is showing the breadth of the technology that has been developed and is available at the event.

Guy Denis talks about the strategic nature of the relationship and how Cisco supports the open-standards-based approach of the ODVA. This is very important to Cisco, our partners, and, of course, to our customers. Cisco strongly believes in the open-standards approach to TCP-IP for industrial networking moving forward, for the benefit of all parties.

As I mentioned in my last blog, this is another example of the Internet of Things which is the part of The Internet of Everything and the part that is already with us today in the manufacturing industry. Read More »

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What an Orchestra and a Mobile Device have in Common

Orchestras are often used as metaphors for all sorts of things–organizational structure, planning sessions and even families.

Have you been to the symphony recently? Musicians sit in a regimented ordering around the stage. The concertmaster sets the tune. The conductor lifts the baton. And then, with the pull of a bow across a string, or breath across a mouthpiece, the music begins. Throughout the performance, each section of the orchestra plays a specific part – either separately or together – to create a harmonized work of art.

The prestigious Czech National Orchestra, known for its versatility, lived up to its reputation during a recent performance (for a new BNP product called Hello Bank!). They put their instruments – some hundreds of years old – aside in favor of newer, more common instruments: smartphones and tablets.

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