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Next wave of data center innovation …

From the outset, Cisco Unified Fabric has been ahead of the curve and ahead of the market in its innovation and the value that it brings to Cisco customers. Its introduction brought about a profound shift to data center fabric: unification of the IP and storage networks.  Today it is foundational – a primary building block for cloud-based, virtualized data centers, providing architectural flexibility and consistent networking across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Customers know this too, as evidenced by Cisco’s continuous leadership in this market maintaining the #1 market share for Data Center Ethernet Switching with over 70% of the market*, and #1 in FCoE SAN Switching with 77% of the market**.

Continuing to innovate …
During Cisco Live Orlando last week, Cisco unveiled a two additions to its Unified Fabric portfolio: Dynamic Fabric Automation, which automates network provisioning and simplifies fabric management, and new Nexus 7700 Series switches, providing 40G/100G scalability and comprehensive feature set with new F3 modules.

Cisco also announced the vision for our revolutionary networking architecture with Application Centric Infrastructure.  Yet again, we are evolving our infrastructure to help IT departments dramatically simplify how they provision their data center resources (networking, servers, storage and services) that are critical to the performance of their applications. As we heard from Padmasree Warrior, “the Application Centric Infrastructure will give our customers the agility to deliver applications to end-users where they want, when they want, and to any device they want  – securely, rapidly, and at a lower cost.”

We continue to innovate as no other IT company does, providing the vision and technology to transform the data center. Tomorrow starts here.


*Source: Infonetics, Q1CY2013 DC Network Equipment Report  **Source: Dell’Oro, SAN Switching, Q2CY2013

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A Sweet Way to Bring in Customers

The phrase of the week “Beat the Heat.” Boy is it hot in the Bay Area where Cisco’s headquarters are located. So what are many people doing to cool down? Heading to their local ice cream shop of course. Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with social but check this out. One thing in particular caught my eye at our local ice cream shop, they are getting into the social media game. Take a look.

Creating Buzz with Social

Creating Buzz with Social

A great example of how social media is used to help improve business. Not only are they showing people they have social media pages but also asking them to take pictures and showing them where to post. While many of the larger chains have twitter handles and facebook pages, this is definitely a must for small businesses as well. This particular ice cream shop is called Sweet Rendezvous and while they offer the normal cookies n’ cream, my kids favorite, and rainbow sherbert, they also offer flavors like saffron and cinnamon chocolate. If you check out all the reviews on Yelp, I’d say they have the right idea and business on these hot days isn’t too bad at all. So whether it’s for bringing in customers or even recruiting employees, creating a social media platform is a must for any business these days.




Reflections on Cisco Live—an Engaged, Positive View of How We Are Building the Future Together

Last week, Cisco Live in Orlando gave me the opportunity to discuss the future of technology with a broad cross-section of business leaders and self-professed “geeks”—both in person and via social media. In my keynote on Tuesday, I outlined a vision of what life in 2023 could be like, enabled by the Internet of Everything (IoE). And I enjoyed some lively conversations in response to this vision. Here are a few of the themes that emerged:

  • First, many people were surprised at just how fast things are changing, and the sheer volume of people, processes, data, and things that are being connected at an exponential rate.
  • People appreciated not just seeing a vision of technology, but having that vision connect back to the real-life issues we all will face around work, healthcare, aging, and the need to nourish our relationships with family and friends, even at a distance.
  • Third, the people with whom I spoke are engaged and positive about the future, recognizing opportunities for a whole array of new services and capabilities that will be enabled by the 50 billion IoE connections we’ll have in 2023.
  • Finally, many people expressed the importance of talking about technology not just for technology’s sake, but in terms of how it can  help humanity—how we can use technology and IoE connections to better produce and deliver food, manage and conserve our resources, make high-quality healthcare more available, improve education for underserved populations, and make our cities more livable.

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Route Redistribution – A thing of the past?

This week at CiscoLive Orlando, Cisco made two announcements around Enterprise Routing – Open EIGRP and EIGRP OTP. Originally announced at CiscoLive London, EIGRP has been opened to the community as an IETF Informational Draft “Open EIGRP”, Open EIGRP  provides vendors with technical information on EIGRP and the accumulation of 20 years of development and enhancements. With the publishing of this IETF Draft, vendors can now integrate EIGRP into their appliances and interop with Cisco.

On Tuesday, Cisco also announced a new innovation in Enterprise Routing; “EIGRP Over the Top” (or simply OTP).


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Krones Group dramatically improves IT efficiency by migrating from RISC-based architecture to Cisco UCS

An Increasing amount of organizations continue to shift their view of IT infrastructure as being a cost center to an enabler of business growth. Hence, businesses are looking for infrastructure that can deliver agility and availability while enabling diverse applications to coexist in the same infrastructure.

The Krones group, headquartered in Neutraubling, Germany, helps makes happy hour happen. Krones plans, develops, and manufactures machinery and complete plants for the fields of process, bottling, and packaging technology. The company processes millions of bottles and cans daily on behalf of breweries, the soft-drink sector, and manufacturers of wine, sparkling wine, and spirits.

If Krones needs a taste tester for one of their facilities I just may know someone with a little experience. 😉

The company’s data centers and IT solutions are an important part of their business. Their legacy IT infrastructure consisted of 200 physical servers and 700 virtual machines spread across three locations with business critical applications running Solaris operating system on a RISC-based architecture.

Krones wanted a server solution for both their UNIX and Microsoft Windows systems. The key requirements were to:

  • Increase flexibility and efficiency using virtualization
  • Improve performance
  • Optmize the infrastructure for zero downtime
  • Deliver a seamless migration for mission-critical applications
  • Reduce complexity and speed up provisioning

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