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Under the Cloud, a Climate Change for IT

Cloud has had a deep impact on the fundamental ways in which IT services are consumed. Yet we are only on the cusp of the transformation. Cisco estimates that connections among people, processes, data, and things will surge from “only” 10 billion today to 50 billion by 2020. Cloud’s value as a key delivery system will extend to this emerging Internet of Everything (IoE) economy, connecting people, processes, data, and things. And the cloud readiness of each organization will determine its ability to reap value in an era of sweeping change.

But what is the current state of IT cloud consumption? And how do IT decision makers view the future impact of cloud?

Figure 1. Drivers of IT Change.


Source: Cisco/Intel Cloud Study, 2013

In a wide-ranging study, Cisco® Consulting Services (CCS), in partnership with Intel®, sought to pinpoint just how these powerful trends are impacting IT. The “Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models” study surveyed 4,226 IT leaders in 18 industries across nine key economies, developed as well as emerging: Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. In each country enterprise and midsized companies were represented. The survey was conducted during March and April 2013.

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Ask the Futurist: “How Will the Internet of Everything Help Us Manage Our Own Health?”

In our last “Ask the Futurist” blog post, I discussed how the Internet of Everything (IoE) is working to connect doctors with their patients through electronic medical records. The subject of IoE’s role in the health care industry is a topic I am asked about often. After all, the Internet of Everything has the potential to change almost every aspect of how we live. And perhaps, how long we live.

Today’s question comes from Teren Bryson, director of IT at Zetec. Teren is a cancer survivor, and still in his 30s. He is interested in how technology is impacting health — specifically user-enabled health monitoring through portable biometric devices. Here’s his two-part question:

Question: “How will the Internet of Everything help us manage our own health? For example, when will a wearable device be able to monitor my blood glucose levels or other biometrics in a real-time way?

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Join @SecDatacenter and Top Industry Experts for #SecureDC Chat on SDN Security, 8/27 at 11am PT

Many network administrators over the years have viewed information security technologies as somewhat of a necessary evil, as opposed to a necessity. Security costs like the purchase and maintenance of firewalls, web filtering, anti-malware scanning, and encryption are seen as an additional burden as well as and excuse to spike spending plans. However, while security has not been a large part of the discussion up until now, as the threat landscape expands, it is becoming more of an imperative.

As organizations struggle to figure out how to secure their environments in the most efficient way possible, certain technologies are emerging to help. SDN (software defined networking), which is still in its early stages, has the potential to streamline security processes and even overcome large-scale cloud-based threats. Through harnessing the network footprint for dynamic threat response, SDN can be utilized to improve efficiency and reduce network downtime.

Join us, Tuesday 8/27 at 11 a.m. Pacific Time, as we examine technologies and solutions related to SDN and it’s impact on data center security. Led by Ken Beck, from the Cisco Office of the CTO, and Evelyn de Souza, the discussion will also include participants from key partners, analysts and industry luminaries.

The chat will address various security-related topics, including:

  • How to secure SDN environments
  • How to secure the controller
  • Leveraging SDN to streamline security processes
  • Leveraging SDN to overcome cloud-based threats

This is a great opportunity for those interested in, or responsible for business-data security to learn from top industry experts and a panel of distinguished engineers about the future of data center security through SDN.

Logistics: How do I participate in this Twitter chat?

1. Find

– Search for the #SecureDC hashtag (via Twubs, TweetDeck, or another Twitter client) and watch the real-time stream.

2. Follow

– @e_desouza and @SecDatacenter will get the conversation rolling by posing a few questions to participants.

3. Engage!

– Tweet your reactions, questions and @reply’s to the chat, making sure to use the #SecureDC hashtag.

– The #SecureDC chat should last about an hour.


usNIC released!

I’m excited to announce that Cisco has just released usNIC as a feature of the UCS C-Series Rack Servers product line.

usNIC is available since the release 1.5(2) of the Cisco UCS C-Series Integrated Management Controller.

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UC on UCS – The Invisible Servers

Cisco IT completely changed our voice and video infrastructure in the data center – and nobody noticed!

We changed the systems that Cisco IT uses to run ALL our voice and video supporting:

  • 200,000 voice endpoints in 540 buildings around the world,
  • 87,000 voicemail boxes
  • 1600 TelePresence units
  • 8.6 Million Webex meetings per year
  • Our customer contact centers handling 22M calls / year

It was a big job, migrating all these services off of 574 Cisco MCS servers, and onto new Virtual Machines running on 191 Cisco UCS servers in 12 different data centers.  It took a while, but it was truly worth it, despite the fact that nobody noticed.

We reduced the amount of data center resources significantly – less space, less power, fewer cables. Even better, we now have all our voice and video running on virtual machines, making operations jobs and updates and growth a good deal easier, and faster. Best of all, though, we moved all our voice and video to a completely new server platform  — and nobody noticed!

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