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Cisco Recognized by EPA as Green Power Partner of the Year

Today, Cisco was recognized as one of only four organizations nationwide as a “Green Power Partner of the Year” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This annual award recognizes the country’s leading green power users for furthering the voluntary green power market.  EPA presented Cisco with the award at an event held at the 2013 Renewable Energy Markets Conference in Austin, Texas.

Andy Smith and Matt Kulikowski (Cisco) accepting the award from Brian Collison (EPA)

Andy Smith and Matt Kulikowski (Cisco) accepting the award from Blaine Collison (EPA)

Cisco’s use of renewable energy reflects our commitment to sustainability and is a key part of managing our impact on the environment. This is the right thing to do as a corporate citizen; it also helps us optimize the value of our operations and attract and retain best-in-class talent.

We are very proud to win this award in recognition of both our historical support of renewable energy and to continue to include renewable energy as a significant part of our global energy strategy. Today Cisco buys the majority of its renewable energy through wind-generated sources certified by Green-e. In addition, Cisco generates some of its own energy using on-site solar panels, such as 100-kW systems installed at two of our data center locations, and also participates in utility green power programs across Europe and in India.

“Receiving the Green Power Partner of the Year award is a great honor and EPA applauds Cisco’s leadership and impact on the green power market,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Cisco’s commitment to using green power and reducing its climate impacts provides a clear example of an organization thriving on innovation and sustainability.”

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Cisco Network Convergence System: The Foundation for the New Internet

Cisco innovations have driven the Internet far beyond its original purpose to a network that can handle voice, video, cloud, and mobile services. Now we’re seeing a new Internet on the horizon – the Internet of Everything. In fact by 2017 IP traffic is estimated to grow to 1.4 zettabytes as more programmable devices such as smart phones, tablets, and sensor or machine-driven traffic rapidly come on line. Consider this – just this week there will be more than 26 million new programmable devices added to the Internet or twice the entire population of Mumbai.

This means that managing bandwidth growth isn’t enough anymore. The network must evolve to a multidimensional network, scaling to effectively manage machine-driven events, support ultra, high-definition video applications, and enable new custom-made services. It must also scale up and down with elasticity and be highly programmable, while integrating seamlessly with today’s network, data centers, and applications.

It’s a tall order, but we’re ready today with the announcement of the only such system on the planet. We call it the Network Convergence System—or Read More »

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Author Stephen King on the Killer Opening Line

Stephen King’s latest novel – his 50th – is out today. “Doctor Sleep” is a 35-years-later sequel to his hit horror classic The Shining. And after that long of wait, it’s no surprise to hear that it can take the great author weeks, or even years, to write a book’s opening line.

The Sequel

King fans will be thrilled to know that Doctor Sleep finally tells us what happened to Danny Torrance. He’s no longer a kid wandering the halls of The Overlook Hotel in Colorado but a middle aged man in Connecticut, working at a hospice where he’s even more haunted by his ‘special’ psychic powers.

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Exciting Medianet Enhancements in Cisco’s New VSM 7.2 Solution!

At ASIS 2013 in Chicago, Cisco and ActionPacked! Networks will be demonstrating new Cisco Medianet capabilities integrated into the VSM (Video Surveillance Manager) 7.2 solution and ActionPacked! networks’ LiveAction.

With this release, an MSI-enabled management station such as LiveAction will be able to securely connect with the media server, IP cameras, and the client viewer to troubleshoot QoE issues. LiveAction has built compelling visualizations of the progress of a mediatrace and results.

Troubleshooting with Mediatrace provides IT administrators the ability to quickly detect any network issues and pinpoint the root cause these issues in the network. This is significant in IP video surveillance deployments of any scale as they operate in a shared network environment and contend for resources with other applications running on the network.

A sample screenshot below: Read More »

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ASIS 2013 – Dallas Area Rapid Transit Moves Safety and Security Forward with Cisco

In a surprising twist, more “things” are connecting to the Internet than people. At the current pace of connectivity, Cisco predicts some 25 billion devices will be connected by 2015, and 50 billion by 2020.police

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents an exciting opportunity to push connected safety and security forward through video protection, IP cameras and incident response solutions. Today, furthering IoT innovations, Cisco announced enhancements to its lineup of safety and security solutions and new IoT enabled solutions that ease management of millions of connected cameras and devices.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) transports 225,000 daily/104 Million annual passengers throughout Dallas and 12 suburbs. The DART Police department is responsible for protecting DART passengers and facilities (in a 700 square mile area). To best improve and ensure the safety of passengers in a highly traficked open environment, DART turned to Cisco.


DART deployed approximately 1700 Cisco Medianet IP Cameras within 58 Light Rail Train Stations with future plans for parking lots and other areas. Leveraging IoT technologies, the Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7 and Cisco Medianet IP Cameras are able ot provide DART a secure, scalable video protection solution to meet DART’s needs.

“Cisco VSM 7 and Cisco Medianet enabled IP cameras give us the ability to easily use video surveillance technologies for public safety across all of our DART locations to help keep passengers safe and achieve efficient operations.”

– Charles Byrd, manager, Public Safety Technologies, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Leveraging Cisco’s Physical Security solutions, DART has been able to:

  • Improve the management of DART Police and operations
  • Deliver more intelligence to operations teams, increasing their productivity
  • Achieve situational awareness for centralized video monitoring
  • Accomodate immense scalibility, accomodating a 1700+ camera deployment
  • Connect mobile and fixed mobile platforms: busses and fleets
  • Achieve more efficient operations using video search capabilities and side-by-side live and recorded video monitoring
  • Gain a five star services rating

Learn more about how Cisco and DART are moving safety and security forward through IoT, and if attending ASIS, stop by our booth #2134 to see the solutions in action!