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Cisco UCS vRack on Full Display at PASS Summit

Cisco is proud to be a Platinum sponsor and exhibitor at PASS Summit this year. If you aren’t familiar with PASS Summit, it “is the world’s largest, most-focused, and most-intensive conference for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals.”

Gary Serda has done an excellent job in detailing what the Cisco UCS team will be sharing with attendees in his blog post Guide to Cisco at the PASS Summit, so I wanted to highlight our 3D, interactive vRack of our Unified Computing System which is always a highlight at trade shows and will be on display at PASS Summit.


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How can the Internet of Everything Improve Our World?

Brand CampaignJoin this week long public conversation on Twitter and Huffington Post Impact starting Oct. 7

The growth and convergence of people process, data, and things on the Internet – the Internet of Everything — is making networked connections more valuable and relevant than ever before, creating unprecedented opportunities for countries, businesses, and individuals around the globe. Through network technology, we can now join others anywhere in the world to act collectively, pooling resources and talents to solve problems far too big for any one of us to solve alone.

Starting October 7, in partnership with The Huffington Post, Cisco and its Corporate Social Responsibility community we will have an open global dialogue to share experiences and exchange stories on ways technology and the Internet of Everything are being used for social good in key areas like employment, education, healthcare and critical human needs.

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Sports & Entertainment, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Everything

I am very excited to transition into the GM role for the Cisco Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group (SESG).  It’s an incredible time for this industry, as stadiums around the world transform the fan experience via technology. This transformation has been on display this past week in Australia, where the Sydney Cricket Ground announced they would be upgrading their stadiums with Cisco Connected Sports solutions. We applaud these leaders in sport for driving change and delivering a more rewarding live experience.

I got to visit with another leader in sport, Real Madrid CIO Enrique Uriel, just a few months ago when I took in the final game of the team’s season. I marveled at the passion on display from the fans at Real Madrid, but even more so I saw firsthand how Real Madrid and Cisco have partnered to transform the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium into the “Ultimate Bernabeu,” – an immersive, connected and thriving environment.

Here is a video where Enrique speaks about what the future is…connecting people, fans, and the stadium.

Looking back, it’s incredible to see how far this industry has come in such a short period of time, and how Cisco has been a true market maker – through the ongoing innovation in the custom Connected Stadium platform, StadiumVision, Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and now StadiumVision Mobile. Cisco has driven the fan experience forward, and now more than 150 venues (large and small) in more than 30 countries are using our solutions not only to provide the best fan experience but also to re-invent their business models.

This infographic showcases the instant impact Internet of Everything (IoE) – the networked connection of people, process, data and things, is having on profits in 2013 ($600B+). Note that the second biggest industry is customer experience…now swap out the word customer for “FAN,” and it becomes abundantly clear that the market potential for sports and entertainment entities that embrace IoE is tremendous.

The mission since the inception of Cisco SESG has been to “connect the unconnected,” to solve business problems and allow venues, teams, and leagues to tap into new market opportunities. While those goals will continue, we are evolving into a new age of connectivity, and the good news for our partners, and existing and future customers, is that no one is better positioned to help with that transition than Cisco.

Cisco Partners Recognized for Promoting Achievement in K-12 Education

This week, 2 of Cisco’s current or former education nonprofit partners were recognized by Business Roundtable for their work to prepare U.S. K-12 students for college and the workplace.

  • MIND Research Institute. MIND’s Spatial Temporal (ST) Math program is a language-free, web-based software program that uses animation to help students learn key math concepts. Cisco support helped MIND convert ST Math to a web-based platform, enabling it to expand its reach from 55,000 students in 2007 to 500,000 today—a 357 percent increase. Students using the program have, on average, doubled or tripled their growth in math proficiency on standardized tests. Learn more.
  • New Teacher Center. This nationally recognized nonprofit partners with states and districts to design and implement comprehensive new teacher induction programs that provide face-to-face and online mentoring with highly skilled educators. Cisco supports the organization’s Teacher Assessment Tool and its online mentoring solution. Learn more.
A student uses the ST Math program. Photo: MIND Research Institute

A student uses the ST Math program. Photo: MIND Research Institute

As a technology company, Cisco views STEM education as a business imperative, and these organizations all recognize the urgent need to encourage students to pursue STEM subjects, said Alex Belous, a program manager for Cisco and the Cisco Foundation who has worked closely with these nonprofits to facilitate Cisco’s support.

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Behind the Scenes of Cisco Live Orlando

Cisco Live is Cisco’s single largest education and training event. It’s held in four locations around the world on an annual basis. The last US event in Orlando had a record 20,000 attendees.

But what goes in to the making of an event of this size? How is the keynote hall set up to give a great experience to all who attend in person? What exactly happens at the Customer Appreciation event? How is social media utilized during the week? What is the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network? Read More »

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