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MPI + VFIO on InsideHPC slidecast

Welcome to 2012!  I’m finally about caught up from the Christmas holidays, last week’s travel to the MPI Forum, etc.  It’s time to finally get my blogging back on.

Let’s start with a short one…

Rich Brueckner from InsideHPC interviewed me right before the Christmas break about the low Ethernet MPI latency demo that I gave at SC’11.  I blogged about this stuff before, but in the slidecast that Rich posted, I provide a bit more detail about how this technology works.

Remember that this is Cisco’s 1st generation virtualized NIC; our 2nd generation is coming “soon,” and will have significantly lower MPI latency (I hate being fuzzy and not quoting the exact numbers, but the product is not yet released, so I can’t comment on it yet.  I’ll post the numbers when the product is actually available).

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Ask Cisco: What networking equipment should I buy for an easy-to-maintain, reliable network?

As a small business owner, there’s no end to the questions you need to address—and you may not have the answers for all of them. Where technology is concerned, we can help. Ask Cisco is a new series in which we answer a question from small business owners like yourself about networking-related issues that have you stumped.

As always, we’d love to hear from you about the new series. You can post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Reflections from the Education World Forum

The Education World Forum meeting in London last week felt different from previous years.

In recent times the presiding genius has been the OECD’s Andreas Schleicher. The main plot line has been how the best education countries in the world – Finland, Canada, and Singapore – can go to the next level. The sub plot has been the route they should take, and whether they should shift toward equipping their students with higher order capabilities, to restore their national economies’ innovative edge.

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Building a Bulletproof Cisco Network for Online Gaming

In the world of online gaming, the network is everything. Suffice it to say, choppy game play, slow frame rates, and lackluster response times are never an option.

That’s why Seattle-based En Masse Entertainment turned to Cisco partner MTM Technologies to build a network infrastructure to support its game TERA.

Massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) TERA features rich and detailed graphics in a fantasy universe. The game’s unique, interactive combat system brings players around the globe together as they unite against monsters, demons, and all sorts of creatures in this fanciful world torn apart by the gods.

It’s a game that requires the a lot of infrastructure support, high network bandwidth, and extreme processing power. So MTM delivered an infrastructure for En Masse that included core routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and servers that seamlessly communicate with the network.

Watch as En Masse Network Operations Director Markus Schweig explains the process of building out their network for the highly anticipated new game.

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Get Your Social On! #SMWSF #SMWCisco

What are you doing on February 14, 2012? Mark your calendar for a date with us! Cisco is hosting a day on The Social Enterprise (Part 1) as part of Social Media Week, a week-long event series dedicated to what else…social media. You can join this event live or via our UStream channel. Registration for the live event is required and hurry because space is limited for this free event. (Advance registration for the UStream channel is not needed). The hash tag for the entire week is #SMWSF but for our day at Cisco, we will be using the #SMWCisco hash tag to monitor and respond to questions related to our event. If you want to chat with us, send your tweet to @CiscoSocial.

As we’re getting ready, we will share with you some behind-the-scenes doodling and words of wisdom from our distinguished speakers. Let’s get started.

In his recent report “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation”, Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) urges companies to follow 5 pragmatic steps. As you walk through these steps, you’ll find that executive buy-in and support are critical in wide-scale social media adoption. In his afternoon session, Jeremiah will explore how today’s modern executives are using social media to lead, connect with customers and forge their company through their industry. Secondly, he’ll explore what business teams inside of a company require in order to be successful as they build their programs. Read More »

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