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ING Direct Australia’s “Bank in the Box” promotes innovation in the banking sector

“Bank in the Box” is a solution that has been rolled out by ING Direct Australia, the pioneer of branchless banking here in Australia (see press release here). The solution, deployed by Dimension Data, is a combination of solutions from Cisco, Microsoft and NetApp which will help accelerate ING Direct’s innovation engine so that new applications can be delivered more rapidly to end customers.

ING Direct has a culture of being a leader of innovation and in order to continue this rapid pace of innovation the bank needed a highly automated and scalable private cloud solution that enabled the team to instantly provision a test environment that represents all the bank’s application and services.  Hear from ING Direct’s CIO on what they’ve achieved (video here).

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Welcome to Cisco Live! from Geoff Lawrie, Country Manager, Cisco New Zealand

Cisco Live! once again provides a timely focus on the trends and new technologies that are driving our sector and that our Australian and New Zealand customers and partners are making decisions about every day.

There is no doubt the complexity of those decisions isn’t getting easier as organisations respond to economic conditions and the impact of the ‘consumerisation of IT’.

The way we connect, communicate and collaborate, as well as the way we access and consume IT in general, is fundamentally changing. Cisco’s recent VNI Global Mobile Data Forecast predicts that by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile Internet connected devices, 90% of global mobile data traffic will occur over a smartphone or portable device and that mobile video traffic will account for 70% of all mobile data traffic. 

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Using Webinars to Build Your Business: Steps for Success

You want to do webinars.

You want to get your message out there, “leverage your resources” and “do more with less”. But the idea terrifies you and your more afraid of making yourself look bad than the good you can achieve. We get it.

We are here to help.

In the next few weeks, we are going to offer suggestions for helping you put your best foot forward when creating a webinar. We have pulled together information about why you should do webinars and we have examples of people doing it right.

We also have expert Sharon Burton who has put together two on-demand webinars for us talking about what you need to do to deliver the best webinar possible. We’ll conclude with tips on using social media to help you spread the word about your event and create a long tail of engagement should you decide to post a recording.

Using WebEx gives you an audience.

If you use WebEx to deliver your webinar, you get some extra bang for your efforts. With WebEx Channels, you can post your recording – along with handouts – to extend your reach and connect with the WebEx network.

You don’t have to be big to look big.

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Future Fashion: Wearable Computing Comes of Age

I want a tricorder, and I want it now! Well maybe not a tricorder specifically but I certainly want my technology to take the natural next step and become more and more wearable with products such as iPod watches, heads up display (HUD) glasses, and smart fabric available. This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the recent buzz that Google will be launching smart glasses that are Android-based. These glasses will include a small screen that sits a few inches from someone’s eye. The glasses will also have a 3G or 4G data connection and a number of sensors including motion and GPS. The smart glasses would be navigated via tilting and nodding which would make those folks talking on Bluetooth devices you can’t see look darn normal in comparison. So from Google Goggles to Google Glasses, looks like wearable computing is becoming an imminent reality.

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Beyond BYOD: The Optimal Experience for Any Workspace

We use them in the office, in the car, at the café. They help us close deals, build relationships, and access resources. What are they? Devices, of course.

Currently, over three out of every four employees have multiple devices, according to the Cisco Connected world Technology Report. What’s more, one in three employees globally use at least three devices for work.

For our partners, though, this trend isn’t really about devices. It’s about how to provide your customers’ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) employees seamless access regardless of device or connection point. It’s also about how to ensure security, simplification, and high performance.

The answer is easy. Let me introduce the brand new Cisco BYOD+ solution—a game changer in Enterprise mobility.

This end-to-end solution empowers your customers to go beyond simply connecting user-owned devices to scaling the experience of many users with multiple devices, anytime, anywhere. Plus, Cisco BYOD+ delivers a unified security policy across the entire organization—a relief to any organization. It also optimizes and manages the experience to meet the needs of many types of users with diverse devices, security, and business requirements.

The bottom line: your customers can safely extend the right level of access and performance in every situation.

Let me guess? You’re ready to load up on devices, make appointments with customers, and share the BYOD+ story. Read More »

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