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Communications Management Nirvana

March 23, 2012 at 11:56 am PST

We have a new ‘Spotlight on Unified Communications Management’ available now and it may really help many of you get your head wrapped around the value of buying and using this kind of software.  We tackle four typical headaches around:

  • Remote Site Rollouts
  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Monitoring and
  • Problem Resolution

We showcase the incredible new look and feel that PRIME brings to the UC Management Suite as our favorite tools have gotten a lot more integrated and easier to work with.

UCMS will help you automate the minutiae, delegate the redundant, all the while giving you a rich tool set to be in control when times are smooth and quick to react when things go awry.

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VDI: Creating a Successful Virtual Desktop Architecture

During a recent Desktop Virtualization Webcast titled VDI with Unified Communications: What Architects Need to Know, one of the key takeaways was that Unified Communications (UC) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) teams need to work together and look at the larger user environment in which they are delivering the IT services.  When the audience was asked how many of them were collaborating with their UC teams, 53% said they were currently engaging with their organization’s UC teams in their desktop virtualization projects.

Of course, this may be a biased sample, since the survey is of the webcast attendees, which mainly include IT professionals who are interested in the intersection of VDI and UC.  However, I believe this is a sign of a growing trend in enterprise IT.

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NC Governor Tours Cisco, Seeks Renewed Education Funding

The Cisco Systems facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina hosted North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue Wednesday, March 21 as she called for additional state education funding.
In a speech detailing North Carolina’s success in attracting high technology firms, Perdue said an educated local workforce is “how we became the right location for Cisco – a name brand that’s synonymous with innovation and ambition.”
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Australian Service Provider, Telstra, Achieves Cisco Cloud Partner Certification

Cloud continues to be the significant trend reshaping the IT industry. As businesses seek to move their services into a cloud environment, Cisco is on the front foot in helping partners become cloud services builders, providers and resellers through the Cisco Cloud Partner Program. Primarily, the program is aimed at:

● Cloud builders who want to help customers build on-premise private clouds;

● Cloud providers who want to offer Cisco-powered services in the marketplace; and

● Cloud services resellers who want to want to resell provider services.

One of the latest Australian companies to become a part of the program is telecommunications and media company – Telstra.

A Diamond sponsor of Cisco Live 2012 in Melbourne, Telstra announced that its infrastructure-as-a-service cloud and related managed services processes, practices and tools have met all of the requirements to receive certification in the Cisco World Wide Cloud Partner Program. Telstra’s investment in cloud computing is one part of Telstra’s strategy to grow its network application and services business and it can continue to do so with the endorsement of being considered with Cisco’s global best practice.

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AARNet and Cisco Team up to Help Enable Australia’s Research and Academic Community to Collaborate with the World

At Cisco Live in Melbourne this week Cisco in partnership with Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) announced five academic and research organisations that are already taking advantage of the TelePresence Exchange to collaborate with other academic institutions in Australia and around the world.  (see press release here). These organisations are Swinburne University, Monash University and its Traralgon Hospital, Victoria University, the Australian Centre for Health Innovation and Melbourne University’s Institute for Broadband Enabled Society (IBES).

AARnet’s TelePresence Exchange is also a gateway to the National Lambda Rail in the U.S which will then link Australia to 225 TelePresence rooms in 71 universities in 13 countries around the world. The true magic of TelePresence is epitomised in this project. Click here for a map of institutions using Cisco TelePresence on National Lambda Rail.

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