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Cisco Enables Beyond Bring Your Own Device for the Healthcare Industry

Beyond BYOD

Cisco Systems is announcing a next-generation solution to address an increasingly complex and common challenge in healthcare settings: the need to assure high security and patient privacy, while enabling fast, role-appropriate clinical data access for providers, with seamless connectivity across a diverse array of (mobile?) devices – all at once.

The new Cisco offering is dubbed Beyond BYOD – “BYOD” standing for “Bring Your Own Device.” It enables a healthcare organization to set up and administer secure, unified, any-device access across its entire network – including wireless, wireless LAN, cellular and VPN elements.

Healthcare information infrastructure has been challenged in recent years by an increasingly distributed healthcare delivery model, the rise of electronic patient records and privacy concerns, and the explosion of mobile devices entering hospital networks. Physicians and healthcare staff are driving demand for immediate provisioning of their personal devices from smartphones, to tablets, and notebooks for use in the workplace and integration into the clinical workflow. Indeed, there are over 4000 applications specifically dedicated to the healthcare industry and a Forrester study found 41 percent of personal devices are used to access business applications.  Doctors, administrators, patients and their families all have rationales for accessing an information system – and each is likely to bring a unique device profile. Preference for their own personalized hardware over standardized, workplace-issued devices combined with the inherent need by  medical professionals for anytime, anywhere connectivity – challenges network solution providers to keep up by offering true borderless networks: secure systems that are easy to use and accept all kinds of connection-ready hardware.

Beyond BYOD from Cisco answers the call by delivering healthcare providers, patients and visitors access from any device in any healthcare space, a unified policy across the network, an uncompromised user experience, and simplified IT operations.

The BYOD challenge has confronted IT managers in the healthcare sector for some time, but Beyond BYOD goes beyond simple device acceptance. Cisco has taken a new, holistic approach to managing borderless networks. The result is a top-down, comprehensive approach that can deliver a high-quality experience while allowing management of complexity and scale for healthcare organizations of all sizes – not just the large-scale enterprise.

Beyond BYOD features:

  • A new “Identity Services Engine” (ISE) that helps users introduce personal devices to a workplace network and configure an appropriate access level without hands-on assistance from IT.
  • A new, scalable approach to WLAN infrastructure that supports rich media sharing. It’s IPv6-optimized for seamless roaming without drops and enhanced security. IPv6 compatibility is critical to next-generation BYOD strategy: Cisco VNI predicts 71 percent of smartphones and tablets – 1.6 billion in total – will be IPv6-capable by 2016.
  • Simplified IT operations through a new Cisco management platform, Prime Assurance Manager 1.1, which affords thorough real-time, network-wide views of application performance. A companion management tool, Prime Infrastructure 1.1, aids planning and deployment of Cisco infrastructure.

Beyond BYOD represents a new, more strategic approach to healthcare information network management – one that acknowledges and enables user preferences while anticipating future demands and developments.      

To learn more, click here:

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Cisco furthers investments in global socio-economic development

At this week’s opening ceremony of the Cisco Plus Brazil 2012 conference in Rio de Janeiro, we stood with local and national government officials and formally announced our strategic investment initiatives in Brazil. Through the use of information and communications technology, Cisco hopes to foster the level of innovation, transformation and socio-economic development necessary to sustain the country’s growth and competitiveness.

In Brazil, our R$1 billion investment will be distributed over the next four years around the pillars of innovation, venture capital funding, strategic local partnerships and expansion in local manufacturing. In the second half of 2012, Cisco will be inaugurating a center of innovation in Rio de Janeiro to develop customized technology solutions for the country. First round efforts will be focused on sports and entertainment technology, public safety and security, as well as improved access to education and healthcare. The center will also help support Cisco’s global Smart+Connected Communities initiatives through developing efficient urban infrastructures and fostering growth within new and existing cities in Brazil.

In an effort to capture the immense economic and innovation potential in the Brazilian ICT market, we are working with local partners and dedicating up to R$100 million of the investment to create the largest high-tech VC fund in the country. We are also continuing efforts in building local partnerships to properly address some key opportunities in Brazil. A recent intellectual property agreement with Intelbras – a leader in the Brazilian telephony market – is aimed at encouraging local SMBs to migrate towards IP telephony. In the area of R&D, Cisco will continue to support the Planetary Skin Institute (PSI), a global, independent nonprofit R&D organization. PSI has developed multiple agreements with leading R&D institutions in Brazil to co-develop high-priority platforms for the country, such as early warning systems.

Back in 2010, we officially began production of set top boxes in Brazil through a partnership with cable service provider NET Serviços. Since its inception in early 2011, the Manaus plant has already been through two expansion efforts. Local manufacturing initiatives continue to reinforce our commitment to technological development, entrepreneurship and job creation around the globe. Cisco will continue fostering local manufacturing efforts in Brazil to include production of our best-selling core routing and switching products.

We are continuing these efforts in other areas of the globe as well, with notable recent developments in Russia.

Marthin De Beer and Viktor Vekselberg sign R&D roadmap

Coming off last week’s signing of an R&D strategy roadmap with the Skolkovo Foundation, we’re excited to announce the availability of our 2911R/K9 router, the third Cisco product made in Russia. These developments represent further commitment to Brazil and Russia as key global priorities and countries with immense growth potential.

Assembly of our one of our most popular Integrated Services Routers, the ISR 2911 / K9 bundle has been launched in the city of Tver in Russia, following a pilot project in early march. The 2911R/K9 Integrated Services Router will be available to the Russian market through a network of authorized Cisco partners. To date, this marks the third Cisco product made in Russia. In 2011, we announced the availability of both a VPN hardware solution and Cisco set top boxes, made possible through collaborative local partnerships.

The first Cisco ISR 2911 assembled in Russia

Cisco 2911R/K9 Integrated Services Routers (ISR) are designed to power the next phase of branch-office evolution, providing rich media collaboration and virtualization to the branch while reducing operating costs. The Cisco 2911R/K9 reduces initial capital outlays by decoupling the delivery of software from hardware on optional service modules. In addition, customers receive a Universal IOS image capable of enabling all of Cisco’s rich IOS features and allowing quicker deployment of new services. Integrated anti-malware tools as well as voice, data and mobile access security features helps to support a high level of data security. The router also opens great opportunities for remote operations by flexibly supporting VPN, to provide remote employees with secure access to corporate resources via secure channels.

Through the expansion of local manufacturing efforts in Russia, Cisco is delivering on its vision to stimulate local entrepreneurship and sustainable innovation, bolster job creation in the region and introduce the most advanced technologies to the area. Coupled with the activities in Brazil, we are proud and excited of our further involvement in the growth and development of these key economies

Data Center at the Cisco Partner Summit 2012 –Be Real or Virtual but Be There!

At Cisco Data Center, we recognize that our community of partners is a critical sales success factor. – So the annual event Partner Summit, this year in San Diego California  April 16-19 is a big deal!

In fact, the physical event in San Diego is already sold out, demonstrating clearly the dynamism of the Cisco partner community, which is more and more attracted to the Cisco Business proposition, the solutions and now the services opportunities.

But to make sure that every partner can benefit from this opportunity , the summit will come this year to you live via Virtual Partner Summit (VPS). All you have to do is register. Here is my list of the must watch data center sessions –

General Session with Keith Goodwin, John Chambers, Edison Peres

General Session with Edison Peres and Padmasree Warrior

Data Center & Virtualization Go-To-Market: The Unified Data Center Practice, Programs Evolution & Partner Incentives

Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure : Game-Changing Vision, Unprecedented Opportunity

BYOD and Beyond : It’s Not About the Device, it’s About Delivering the Next-Generation Workspace

Winning with Cloud: GTM updates on  Strategy, Solutions and Partner Programs

Having said that, there are a lot of other sessions, that you probably will find of a great interest! All the news and program announcements, the business and technology sessions, but also chat with executives are a click away . It can’t  really be easier. If you want to know more about the Virtual Partner Summit, including the prize that you can win by registering, watch this video and check these  blogs   Virtual Tour of Cisco’s Virtual Partner Summit 2012 and Know before you go : Cisco Partner Summit 2012

If you are already registered to attend physically the summit in San Diego , here are some interesting facts

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How to make your “Eyeballs Happy”

Cisco has taken a leadership role in driving the industry on the creation of standards associated with IPv6. At recent count we had over 458 RFCs related to IPv6 – over a third of the total!

One example of this is how our technical leaders have taken on the challenge in dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) networks to reduce user-noticeable delays in when the IPv6 path is broken or slow. We’ve documented a method called “Happy Eyeballs” as described in Internet-Draft “Happy Eyeballs: Trending Towards Success (IPv6 and SCTP”).

Recently Cisco Read More »

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Top Cisco Partner Headlines: Join Partner Summit, Get Your ‘Game On’ with UCS, Be Part of the BYOD+ Revolution, and More!

Love the sun? Love the beach? Then you’ll love Partner Summit.

What? You can’t attend in person?

No worries. In this episode of Partner Update, you’ll learn how to attend without leaving home. Seriously. Just fire up your laptop, stick an umbrella in a cool drink, and voilà you’ll be there—virtually. And you’ll have the opportunity to win even cooler prizes!

We also give you the inside scoop on Partner Summit’s Roving Reporter, how to get up to speed on UCS, Cisco’s game changing BYOD+ solutions, “appifying” the Cius to increase sales, and more.

But before we dig into the details, we have a Special Alert that didn’t make it into this week’s update! All of the interviews we recently filmed at Partner Velocity are now available on our YouTube channel. Find out ways to fascinate customers from expert Sally Hogshead, best-selling author Daniel Pink tells you how to motivate your team, former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett tells you how to drive change, and more. Like what you saw? Watch full keynote replays on the Partner Velocity site.

Now, back to our update. Take less than five minutes now and tune in for your Cisco partner news.

Would you rather read the news? We’ve included links, descriptions, and details on each item covered in our newscast. Read More »

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